Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

I use Google analytics. Not crazy about it. It’s kind of confusing.

Is there an easy way to look at traffic from the WordPress dashboard using a plugin (paid or free). I have several sites and when I go to google analytics it’s a headache. I was thinking that if I get to see data directly from my WP dashboard that could help me out. I focus on one site and not several…

Or should I just do a better job of study how G.A works? If that’s is the case any recommended posts or articles that you could share to help me.


Is it OK to just delete a page and make it into a post?

It’s typically never ok to just delete a page. You want to make sure you make a 301 redirect that page to your blog URL where the post will live, or the post URL itself. This let’s google and the user know where that content now lives, drives users to that new URL automatically, and does not create a 404 dead end for users and crawlers.

Which WordPress Plugin allow to restore individual blog posts and pages?

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Backup / Restore Your WordPress Site Quickly using UpdraftPlus

This is 5 steps Guide for using UpdraftPlus for Backup WordPress Site

  • step 1: install and active the UpdraftPlus plugin
  • step 2: Configure the plugin by visiting Setting -> UpdraftPlus Backups.
  • step 3: Move to Setting tabs
  • step 4: Choose a backup schedule
  • step 5: Select where to store your back up files

Blogger or WordPress for making money online?

Blogger or WordPress better for making money online
Blogger by Google, it’s free, fast and easy to customize. WordPress is paid version and free version with wordpress subdomain or custom domain. Where to go? 
I have two problems here

  • Blogger is free and fast, get better ranking because it’s google’s product.
  • WordPress has so many plugins that’s best for SEO ranking, linking interal or external
What i should go to start?