What exact mean ” traffic ” in Google Analytics?

When someone told me about ” how much traffic comes to a website site” I feel nervous, because When I look into Google Analytics, they show this statics: visitors, new visitors, page view, sessions. What is the traffic here?

After researching on the Internet, I get to know that ” traffic is calculated by the sum of the session to that website”. So traffic here exactly means ” session”.

Is it possible to automate the process of monitoring and registering domains?

It’s called drop-catching (if I understood you correctly) but it’s a battle of resources mostly, not brains. If you just do a script you’ll never catch a good domain, especially if you are after .com

We have invested a 6-figure sum into this and still can only catch in most ccTLDs (not all). The right investment to be competitive in .com would be about $6 million initially + $3 million a year (targeting a 25% market share).

Should I build new website for my entertainment company?

I work in a Catering & Entertainment Company and the existing website to this project is a mix – so we present on this website both categories with our Brand! And already doing SEO with it longer time (catering & entertainment)!
Its a kind of EXPERIENCE-CATERING what we do – very special ;-)!

We choose a lot of longtail Keywords for ranking & city combinations! And you can book both services also separately ;-)!
So… as the category “Catering” is much higher in search volume on Google and we have more contracts with that – I want to make a new website – which is just specified on Catering!

So…what I hardly want to know is:

– Can I put the same address in the Impressum on the new website – exactly like it is on our existing website now with: same brand, street, city… – and make SEO without problems?

I heard that is not that good if a site is a similar topic with the same address in the Impressum! Can that cause any problems?
Our website yet – should not fall into any penalty!

But if that’s no problem – I would like to know if I can link from my existing website now – to the new website later after some months? An anchor link maybe from starting page!

Top three reasons why you should Buy Web Traffic?

If your business is building a new website, you must have heard that you will need a lot of web traffic to make it work. To any savvy online marketers, web traffic is regarded as the lifeblood of their businesses, especially small ones. Simply, the more people visit your website, the more potential it is for you to sell your products.

However, it’s not easy for you to generate enough organic traffic at the beginning unless you have a well-known brand or a viral marketing campaign. You can gain traction using Search Engine Optimization tactics (known as SEO), which requires a great amount of time, effort and money to succeed.

Furthermore, the Google algorithm has constantly been updated, so only a small update can wipe out ALL your hard work. In contrast, paid methods can help you to overcome those challenges. Before design an effective traffic buying strategy, you must understand why you should buy web traffic. Below are some of the reasons.

top site for buy web traffic

Immediate traffic & Instant results

When using SEO to get higher ranks in the search engine, you have to do millions of tasks to do regarding on-page and off-page techniques. Even when you all the tasks have been perfectly completed, it may take months to years to achieve higher rankings with your keyword. However, as mentioned above, Google constantly updates its algorithm, which may lead to dramatic ranking drops. Therefore, you have to keep patient before you can see the fruits of your labour, at least in 6 months.

In contrast, paid traffic methods can bring you profits within days, even hours, which organic search can’t.

Target your advertising

One of the biggest difference between paid and free traffic is that you can directly attract your targeted customers. You can choose keywords that are suitable for your marketing campaign, then decide how your advertisements are. Furthermore, buying traffic methods enable you to target to a specific location, gender, age, profession, or to decide the place your advertisements will appear on the Internet. For examples, while paid search like Google AdWords or Bing Ads can support you in locality-based campaigns, display ads which are banners or videos appearing on the place you set up.

When you buy web traffic, the traffic will increase in bulk at a rapid pace. This doesn’t mean that those web visitors will bring you greater profits; however, it can enhance their ability to buy your products, which generates revenue. If you only focus on attracting organic traffic, it will take time to get your potential customers you desire because your visitors may only randomly access to your website.

Enhance brand awareness

Imagine that you are going to buy a television. You have no idea of which the best brand was. Suddenly, one day you wake up and your brain reminds you of a logo that you have looked at millions of times before on the Internet, then you try visiting their website to find a television. Whether you make the decision of making the purchase or not, at least, that brand succeeded in attracting your attention by their advertisements.

That’s the power of buying traffic. When the ads repeatedly display to the customers over a period of time, they will gradually seep into their subconsciousness. One day, they could be reminded of your brand in case their demand rise.

If you really want to make it work, you have to ensure that your advertisements will display on industry-related sites on the Internet.

You should try to buy web traffic when you plan a marketing campaign to boost your sales or lead.

When you publish an article or blog on your site?

For this question, being a seoer, i think that it’s really important for drawing traffic to our website if we can publish on the right time. And it depends on which country your website target to. For example, My website target to international, US. And according to Google Analytics, I checked and saw that many people reach to our website article at early time and the night. So we decided to publish post this time to attract more traffic to come my websites.

Which is the best platform to make e-commerce website?

Besides Shotify, you can use Magento, 3dcart, Woocommerce, Big Commerce, 
And Miva Merchant. It’s expensive but support is top notch, you have access to literally every page and it’s code, it’s written in their own proprietary, compiled .mvc language so it’s fast and secure. I’ve built several stores with Miva. I had a client switch from Miva to Shopify and they immediately got hacked.

Is orangewebsite is good place for offshore hosing?

For offshore hosting, special with location in Iceland you don’t need to care much about US or EU DMCA laws. becaus Iceland is the heaven with free speech, secure personal. And The speed network at this location is super strong. You can connect to US, EU at good speed but not good in Asia. You should consider this.

Here is the price for Share Hosting.

Hosting Offshore Price at Iceland Location, Orangewebsite

Or if you have good skill to use VPS, then they also have good plan for VPS here:

And for delicated server, it’s here.
Now, The good method payment with bitcoin, other payment method. ANd they also need your email address to register an account. Not need too much information.