Travel to Germany: What I should know?

Plenty of folks think of travelling the world. It really is interesting to bear in mind exactly where to go plus it truly is much more fun to begin the preparation course of action. The following suggestions definitely will ensure you have the ideal time while you are travelling.

However, when to travel to Germany, you should know these things:

  • Bring cash with you when to the cafe in case they don’t accept card
  • It’s convenient to use public transportation. It’s fast and safe.
  • Learn English or you cannot communicate with local people.
  • Car driver license is needed to rent a car in Germany.
  • Know about German’s history is not waste your time.

And more things to know. But at least, should know that above thing.



Which cafe you should go and stay in pattaya?

Recently, I have just taken 2 days in Pattaya and 2 days in Bangkok, we are a group of 4 persons. We stay at New Dao Cafe, a cafe & bar at Boonsamphan 3/1 or Soi in Pattaya. It’s far from the center. I mean you can enjoy your holiday here and rest in peaceful with a beautiful swimming pool, and nice view. It’s series of rooms that is suitable for 1 to 4 person with two double bed or 2 single bed or level bed. 
The new dao cafe – where to stay in Pattaya, Thailand
In addition, the staff is very friendly, they will guide you step by steps, the food is good with special food day by day. The chef is foreigner so, the cafe will serve you both Europe and Asia dish with good taste. Trust me, you totally relaxing here with far from noise or motor’s noise at the main road outside. 

Maybe you will see some bad reviews from 6 month ago, but it’s old, the cafe is renew with new face. They do very good with that.

What are the cons of travel tour?

Travelling tour mean that you travel with a group of passengers and you may go and go all day long and not good places. Depend on tour’s schedule and details, you will be taken to fix places, and you cannot change or have no free time to go other.
And it’s also mean you have to go to some places you don’t like, but it’s a tour so you have to go with them, or you can be home. It’s not good, travel tour is not good at all. You lose your free and then waste your money and time. Though they will take care for you from a to z, but you don’t need it, you can take care of yourself. 

Where to go to travel this summer?

Here are top 9 places to go this summer

Top 9 places to visit This Summer

1, Hamburg, Germany
Go for: A concert at the world’s next great music venue
2, Sardinia, Italy
Go for: UNESCO World Heritage sites with reduced admission
3, Montreal, Canada
Go for: The anniversary of a city that’s older than Canada
4, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico
Go for: Burgeoning wine country
5, Brooklyn, New York
Go for: A hotel and bar scene that’s getting even hotter
6, East London
Go for: Reimagined hotel restaurants
7, San Francisco, California
Go for: SFMOMA
8, Colorado
Go for: Roughing it, reinvented
9, Botswana
Go for: A digital detox