How to use Youtube to market your business?

Youtube is a second biggest search engine in the world (only behind Google). Below are some of my tips to do marketing on Youtube:
“Call to action” annotation can direct your customer to your website, or ask them to call to your shop or phone you. You can encourage video sharing. You might be able to go viral over a night. Additionally, when you use the “call to action”, you will be able to track the results.
Youtube is an interactive platform, it gives you direct feedback from the customer. Try to monitor comments and ratings, and respond to them if necessary.
Improve your weighting in the Google search engine by including your video on your web or tagging them with the keyword that you think people will likely search for.

How to get more audience on Youtube?

  • Upload more frequently: The human need for entertainment and information is keep raising, you have to be able to keep up with their demand. My suggestion is to have an actual schedule so your audience can have something to expect.
  • “Call to Action” annotations: If you watch Youtube regular, you can see popups at the end of the video. Many youtube channels have reported an increase in subscriber, but sometimes these annotations can be a bit annoy. It’s up to you to make it more suitable for your viewers.
  • Limit the videos to under 5 minutes: In January 2014, Comscore reported that the average length of most YouTube videos was around 4.4 minutes. For those who want to start, you should keep it as short as possible. When your channel has more followers, you can start challenging yourself with longer video.
  • Edit your video: I can’t say enough about this.  Upload the haphazard video only bruin your brain. Invest more time and effort in shooting and editing, make sure only the best product get to upload.

Youtube Partnership Program: Advance Guide To Make Money Online

Making money online with Youtube Partnership Program is not new. This program is released for several recent years. The way this famous video site allow you to make money online, mainly paying for CPM & PPC.

1, CPM & PPC Meaning

Let me explain this two terms to you.
CPM = Cost Per Thousand; It mean youtube ( Adsense program) will pay you for every 1000 impression of view video by user. ( for sign in or not in gmail)
PPC: Pay Per Click
You will make money whenever someone click on your video ads, then it give credit for you. 

2, Types of Youtube Video Ad Formats

And here are some youtube advertisement ad types:
youtube money, making money with adsense
Display & Overlay Ads on Youtube Videos
Skippable & Non-skippable video ads
Midroll & Bumper Ads

Native Mobile Ads

Image souce: Youtube

Now you know basic thing of youtube ad’s types , then it’s simple to start now.

3, Keyword Research for Video Youtube

Keyword researching is very important in Youtube video ,it helps you can choose between low competitive keyword for faster ranking rather than high volume without any ranking strength.
Like Search Engine Optimization, SEO youtube is depend on LARGE TRAFFIC. I mean if your video get more and more traffic when it is published in the first 24h. Then your video will get feature browse and suggest search when someone using the related keyword for browsing video on Youtube.
I will not go deeply for it, I think you know your subject of making video, and your keyword you want. Then I will not show it. Just guide you basic steps for running it.
You can use this tool for keyword researching: Global Market Finder
The steps will be on the above image. 
Then this will be like this: 
As you can see from the screenshot, It will  show the volume and competitioin rate for each of countries in that region. If you want target on US market, then click plus button then you will see the list of keywords here. 
But you should remember one thing: We should choose keywords that have 
And any version of this structure. 

4, Editing Video For Youtube

For Editing video to upload to Youtube Server through your dashboard, we can use these following tools. 
  • Camtasia Studio 8 by Techsmith. 
  • Corel Video Studio 
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effect
  • FFmpeg
  • Proshow Producer 
You can google for user guide this software. Download Crack or License version if you have enough money.
Don’t forget to use add subtitle for video , it’s good for user to understand your video, special for funny or clips video.

5, Video Content Creators Ideas

Create your own video with a video camera, or just using your smartphone, and uploading to youtube. 

I think this method is easiest. Because you can take a video whenever you see a strange thing or on the road, animals… But more important, you can make money with it if it must be good content, strange event or live stream an important events. 
For more professional, you can guide something you know well. like handmade guide, or streaming game… teaching, or guide someone to do something they would like to take your video and learn.

Remix a song with DJ Studio

If you have Guinness in music, you can try this way. I m not good in music, then just a idea, you can make it into reality with your ability. Then I will not go into deep guide here.

CC video or video from Public Domain

Let me explain it clearly to you for these two terms:
CC = Creative Common ( it’s a type of video, created by original user who set CC tag on their videos)
What Youtube said about it: Creative Commons licenses provide a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work. YouTube allows users to mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license. 
Attribution is automatic under the CC BY license, meaning that any video you create using Creative Commons content will automatically show the source videos’ titles underneath the video player. You retain your copyright and other users get to reuse your work subject to the terms of the license.
Public domain: Video from community like facebook, that has no copyright and you can re-use it. However, video’s owner can report you anytime, then be carefull with it.
Instead, you can use video from public domain, mix it as a series or change the subject, add subtitle to make a new meaning of video. Then it could be ok with copyright.

Voice + text for news

Another idea to make video on youtube is that you can create news from your voices + text. I mean you will record your speaking , then add it to a news with text running effects. Bump, you have a new video, and you have to promote it to everyone to get views and interaction.
Or you can tell a story based on a fanfic story you read on internet. There is a web page for it but i forgot the address. WIth some pictures, your recording voices, plus sound effect.. you can make a clips like that. However, you should check copyright for that story, use it on public domain is good choice to avoid banned from youtube.

Playing Game like LOL or DOTA 2

If your skill on game is good, then you can think about recording your video game when you play and show your talent skills to make money online. Or you can guide user how to use champ, skills to kill creep or last hits to earn money in game.

6, Uploading Video & Fill Your Video’s Titles, Description, Tags, Thumnails

Set awesome name with main keyword for your video title before uploading

First of all, You must sure that you will upload youtube video standard format with high quality (H264, MP4). Set your video’s title include your main keyword, your channel name as brand name)
When it’s uploaded to your youtube channel, check it for setting up a title with this format:
Main Keyword | Channel Name
Like SEO, youtube search work from left to right, from top to bottom.

Video youtube channel, video tittle, video description
How to make a good video’s title, description and tags

A professional thumnail for video is needed

There are two ways to take thumnail video for your youtube video before uploading. 
  • Using defautl thumnail from youtube video editor
  • Using custom thumnail which is uploaded from your computer
I must suggest you to use the second choice. You should make a professional thumnail with title video and channel on it. With high size anyone can realize it from the distance. And if it’s interesting enough user will click to see your video.
And you should AVOID THIS:

  • Deceiving or misleading: Misrepresents the content of the video.
  • Shocking: Includes offensive or outrageous language or imagery.
  • Disgusting: Contains gross or repulsive imagery.
  • Gratuitous violence: Unnecessarily promotes violence or abuse.
  • Indecent: Implies sexually suggestive or lewd conduct.
  • Loud: Uses ALL CAPS or !!!!! to overemphasize titles.

Be careful with your video’s tag & description

Before go to this section, I must warn you that this section is really sensitive. Many youtubers’s account has been removed from spamming descritption with keyword stuffing. Don’t break the rules like they did.
Now, move to an important step on earning money with YouTube partner program. 
When you start uploading your completed video to YouTube, you have two choices for uploading. Under 15 minutes for short clips, and uploading a longer video for channel verification.

To get uploading for more than 15 minute video, you have to verify using mobile phone, and fill a 6 digit code into box to get verified. It’s simple steps, you can explore it your self.

Next, while wait for video uploading to complete, spend that time on filling tags and description for your video.

What we need fill in Video’s description?

You need a brief description that show the main content of your video for user to know what they will watch. Put a keyword at the beginning is the key point here. Don’t stuff it with keywords, but you can remind it several times in your video’s description appropriately.

Create internal links to other video of your channel, like ” other video may you like to see…” You can use full url of link video, or use shorten link ( like

Many success YouTubers use subscription link in their video’s description, you should use it. When user watch your video, they will read description first or then, and if they like it, they will click on subscription link to channel to register. It’s very good for your channel, like a signal, popular, and when you publish new videos, your user will get it first.

Which tags we should put in?

For video’s tags, I suggest you should write down tags which has related to your video, and the field your video belongs…

If you have problems with it, you can use a extension ” Vid IQ ”  to explore your competitor’s video tags. then put it on yours.

Don’t forget to share it to your social network, page like G+, twitter, facebook,,,, when it published. And If you set your video on small market for earning money. You should care about which hour your visitor will watch it more, then schedule your video at that time to publish.

7, Get Traffic for VIDEO

Really, There are many ways to get traffic for your youtube videos. You can share it on forum, using full link & Shorten link for user who willn’t know your real link, and know that you’re promoting for it.

How to get more traffic to your youtube videos

Share link to Video Sharing Sites which allow you to embed or share link from URL. You can search google for these sharing site lists.
We move to other method to get traffic, that need your real effort.
You can use google blog or other blog and build a network for getting traffic. It has result for long time, but you need to overcome it.
The method will be: You build a blog –> write content for it by keywords –> embed video youtube to post it with your content
It’s easy, right? But the hardest step is getting traffic for your Video. You can do a comment with your link when you browse and watch video on youtube or other page that allow you to post comments.
Building G+ community for your channel’s subject

I made a G+ community page which has same subject with my channel’s subject. I share it and when they check news on G+ , user will see it and join my community, or subcribe.

8, Get high Suggest Rate using Playlist

This tips is advance for YouTube Partner but it’s black hat trick. You should think of it for some minutes before going to these steps.
I notice that big channel use this tricks again and again. So if you decided to use it, don’t worry, your lowest banning method is channel terminated ( LOL). Really, there are some tricks to break the rule but long enough to hide from YouTube.

Youtube video playlist, SEO video
Power of Youtube Video Playlist in SEO YOUTUBE
Why we need to do this? Simply, as I said about SEO video in the previous parts. Like your video need as many as votes to help it rank.  However, be careful, create too many playlists on a single account then your account dead and all playlist, channel dead follow.

So, my advice, Just create 1 or 2 channel on a single account, then create 50 playlist each channel. Set playlist’s title as the main keyword of your video. Choose video that is popular on youtube, then add your video at the second. Why? When people watch these playlist, they will watch the popular video, then next to your video. People don’t care who you are. SO it’s a blackhat trick to get traffic and suggestion rate for your video. And remember to add your video into playlist by categories, by subjects. It would be better.

9, How to take advantage of Anotation, Card in youtube video?

Do you know what is the benefits of YouTube’s annotation? Almost YouTube user care for views, like or subscribers, but you miss one main point: Annotation.
Let this video show you how to use annotation to get more money.

10, Feature Channel

11, How to Boost Click Through Rate ( CTR)

Let me show you what CTR is. Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage that show the number of actual click that user clicked on the times of impression that your ads is shown. The low rate, CTR is, The Low money you get.

Now when you finish all the steps for a YouTube channel, you check your Adsense detail report and you see that so many impression but CTR is too low. This affected to your money you get from your video, your channel.

Adsense CTR, Youtube Money CTR
Increase Your Adsense Earning CTR

People have tend to turn-off ads when they’re watching video on YouTube, or they usually skip the ads when they see it or even they can turn-off your video and don’t see it anymore. So how to slow down this risk and increase CTR?

To boost this rate, you should care to these factors:

Duration between each ads

This is the time between your ads show,  It could be 50s, 20 minutes or 1h anyway it depend on your video duration. But you should remember that don’t let the time that is too short, because Google can ban you and User will leave your channel for that.

For example: If your video is 40 minutes long, then 10 – 15 minutes for each times could be better than 50s because it show too frequent, and lead to people made a wrong click. Is this good your your channel? Yeah, it’s good to increase your money but it’s not good for channel, people can report it to Google and Google will ban your account. Take it seriously.

When it ‘s right time to show ads

This way is not depend on your video duration, it depend on the content of the video. We should put an ads on the time when the content go to the G point. Then, people will not leave your video and want to click to skip ads and wait for the ads pass to watch the video. It’s black hat way but Why not? however, you need to understand your video’s audiences, the way they behavior or act. Just test it and see the results.