Sidewide Backlinks Have Positive or Negative Impact for SEO?

Today, we, SEO Discussion will explain to you, an old type of backlinks, sidewide backlinks, or backlinks from sidebar, blogroll from blogger or wordpress blog or other website. Some people think that this type of link is not good, even bad and lead to google penalty for unnatural link. What is your opinion about this?

What is Sidewide link in SEO?

Sitewide backlinks or backlinks from the sidebar, the footer of a website theme, blogger and WordPress templates that create same backlinks from every page of a website, blog.
For example, My friend is a WordPress theme developer. She codes a template and allows people to download it with a link in the footer to give credit to her work. I download this theme and config for my website. After done my website custom config I submitted it to google for indexing. When I post content, and other people comment on my blog, Google will index my blog that will give backlinks to her website from footer area

Sitewide backlinks have negative impacts for SEO

From the definition of a sitewide link, we can see the high risk of it according to Google Penguin update for ” over optimization ” penalty. What happens if your website gets a thousand of backlinks with exact matching anchor-text from one page. It looks like an unnatural link in Google’s eyes.
For instance, Website A has not related topics to Website B. But Google found in Website B, a sitewide backlink in A’s sidebar to with exact matching keywords of A. What do you think now? Is it a natural link? No, I believe that Google will consider it as a potential buying backlinks services that violate Google Webmaster’s Rules.
In this case, Sitewide backlinks have negative impacts on SEO because It’s unnatural linking, get no value for readers. We know that Google tries to optimize for user’s experience. Why you want to get people out of your site with a link, that has not the same topic with your website. So suspicious here.

Sidewide Backlinks are good for Google ranking, by Matt Cutts

According to Matt Cutts’s statement recently, Sitewide backlinks have positive impacts as soon as it’s natural and related to readers. Instead of matching anchor-text keyword, you can use homepage URL, the domain for this case. It will lose the risk of using this method for getting tons of backlinks to your websites.
Or you should choose to get a sitewide link from the websites, blogs have the same topics to you, it’s for the best result.