Should build pbn with brand new domain?

I think this question is not new while some people ignore the importance of building pbn, some people notice its role in SEO ranking. Back to this question, I would suggest anyone should build pbn with expired domain since it takes over the link power, domain age, and more benefits. or you should start with the auction domain.

The progress to make a pbn from the brand new domain is taking a lot of time, money.¬† So it’s not easy for anyone to build it.

How risks you get when building PBN?

PBN As a system of sites built when it grows, they will create contexual links to increase keyword rankings for the website they need to seo.
PBN Backlink Building Method Ultimate Guide 2017

How to build PBN

  1. The first floor is the money site (the main site you want to seo)
  2. The second floor is composed of satellites, the link to the first floor should require high quality content, unique. Traffic, backlink, domain diversity, built as the main site.
  3. The third floor is composed of 2.0 blogs. The 3rd floor may be articles selling content, forum link, blog comment. This layer links to the second floor should be like.
  4. 4th floor is usually spam blog, spam link for 3rd floor.

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So you have four floors to pay attention to. Equivalent to 4 layers of protection. However, SEODISCUSSION recommends that these are only preliminary guidelines. If you want to build a good PBN system, you must follow the following 7 steps:

  • Find an expired domain in your niche
  • Analyze its potential to pass down link juice for SEO
  • Register the shortlisted expired domain carefully
  • Host the domain
  • Setup the content on the domain
  • Link to your money site(s)
  • Update and drip new content into your PBN sites
  • What are the potential risks behind this kind of link building?

What Kind of Risks Do your moneysite Get?  

Actually, Google hated black hat tactics to improve the rankings of people’s website. Therefore, google has developed AI robots to detect suspicious sites and then send that site to the spam team to review and fine-tune the manual action.
You can not be sure that your site is safe or confident about the site. Google’s AI is updated daily, with sophisticated algorithms to detect errors. It is possible that the machine is not moral by humans, but their self-learning ability is difficult to control and can overcome human beings.