How to get rid of Openload video Ads?

How to get rid of openload video ads, since it contains so much of openload ads, pop-under or redirects ads for mobile users. It’s so annoying to watch a movie. But Openload video is free, not premium account to get watch online or download the video so it’s still the best channel for movie streaming sites.

Tired of Annoying ads while watch movie, one user has developed a plugin called ” Video Openload Only” to stop ads showing up on video while playing.

It’s easy to stop openload video ads now. Just install that chrome extension, and enjoy your movie smoothly.

How to download a video from openload?

Openload video streaming is common for almost video sharing site such as or Gogomovie or some big movie sharing sites. So the question is how to download a video from openload?


To download a video from openload you have two main ways, direct and indirect way. So, I will show you the direct way first.

  • how to download a video from openload in a direct way
When people upload to openload they have the option to allow user download video or not. Almost site will allow you to download video from openload with the signal of download button on the play bar of the video. then you just need to click to and the embed video will redirect you to the main page of then you can download it with the mess of advertisements.
But this way has the disadvantages that you have to pass many steps to download, and the mess of advertisement.
  • download the openload video by the indirect way
Instead of downloading directly on the openload video player for embed video, you can create an account on the openload homepage, then using openload addon chrome forget the link to the video. then paste that in the remote download in the openload dashboard, In this way, you can get multiple links from another site into your account. then you can download with your account or just watch it online streaming on your account without download.
However, this way only active if video owner turns on allowing the user to access link from directly or if they turn off this function, you have no way to download though you have the link.