Is Forum Comment and Profile link working these day?

Forum commenting and profile link is not working as the way it worked in 2005. Here is Why:
There are three ways of thinking for this topic, but all of them aim to one way. It’s the out-date of this kind of backlink building strategy.
A: You either keep up with what’s working now, or you go back to 2005 where that technique will work
B:  Forum commenting and profile creating don’t really do jack. You can get some improvements with citations and/or finding higher quality backlinks.
C:  Using Skyscraper techniques
You are using outdated techniques and it won’t help you to rank any keywords. 

First, you should find a low competition keyword, then you have to write the best possible content using skyscraper techniques.

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When it comes to link building I follow niche relevant
  • blog commenting
  • forum commenting
  • email outreach
  • broken link building
  • guest posting
  • web 2.0
  • Guestographics.
All of sudden you can’t pitch someone to accept your guest posts. First, you have to make a relationship with that blog owner, value oriented blog commenting will help you for that purpose.
When it comes to making outreach for guest posts make sure that you see guest posts published in that website by a guest author recently.
Use ahrefs tool to determine from where your competitors are getting backlinks.
You should also follow the skyscraper technique while writing guest posts. 
In every 100 guest post email, I send I get 5-10 backlinks. Use a personalized email for outreach, also use branded email with signature for outreach purpose.
Always remember you have to persuade others that you are providing them value then only you can get quality backlinks.

You don’t need hundreds of backlinks to rank on page 1. 5-10 high-quality relevant backlinks (natural) will do the job.

Source: Whitehatseo

Should or Shouldn’t Submit Backlink To Google For Indexing?

It seem to be that this question make some noise when other seoers talked about it recently when they have done their link building in a day. Should or shouldn’t submit backlink to google?

should submit a backlink, shouldn't submit a backlink, google crawlers
Should submit backlink to google?

Why submit backlink to google

Submit a link to google like a todolist that SEO technicians have to do after they wrote a post or make a change on their website daily. The importance  of link submitting is minimum when you do seo. 
Before you promote a website to other, and after you publish a website, a post, you need to submit that link to google for indexing. If don’t, your website is visible on google. It is a weak for your website.
Because when you submitted a website successful to google, google will send a bot to crawler your website and if they found link, or content or something on website then it show to google. 
So, I have to say that submit a link to google is the important step when you promote that website.
However, for submit backlink is another case

Why shouldn’t submit backlink to google

As I said, submit backlink is different case from submit a link to google. First, you should understand what a backlink is.
ShoutMeLoud said that backlink are coming links to a web-page. 
There are 7 types of backlinks:
  • Link Juice: When a webpage links to any of your articles or your website’s homepage.
  • No-Follow Link: When a website link to another website but tag nofollow to that link. ( Google when crawl this page will stay on this page and not follow the link to the page ( that link go to).
  • Do-Follow Link: A link with more strenght when you put on your website and follow the link to another website.
  • Linking root domains: The number of backlinks coming into your website from a unique domain.
  • Low-quality links: This term is sometime not clearly. Somepeople say no to link from porn site while other say yes.
  • Internal link: Links that are going from one page to another within the same domain.
  • Anchor text: Text that is used for hyperlinks. 

Next, is the main point that explain why you shouldn’t submit backlink to google.

Although submit a link like a chance for your website to get update soon from google bot crawler. however, for backlink submitting, it’s not natural to do that. Google like something that is natural, special for backlink. When you build a backlink, it meant that you make it unnatural to your website. And if you try to submit that link to google, you make that clear than anything.

If you dont fear of google ban, just do it. But be carefull or google will list your site in his banning list.

Sidewide Backlinks Have Positive or Negative Impact for SEO?

Today, we, SEO Discussion will explain to you, an old type of backlinks, sidewide backlinks, or backlinks from sidebar, blogroll from blogger or wordpress blog or other website. Some people think that this type of link is not good, even bad and lead to google penalty for unnatural link. What is your opinion about this?

What is Sidewide link in SEO?

Sitewide backlinks or backlinks from the sidebar, the footer of a website theme, blogger and WordPress templates that create same backlinks from every page of a website, blog.
For example, My friend is a WordPress theme developer. She codes a template and allows people to download it with a link in the footer to give credit to her work. I download this theme and config for my website. After done my website custom config I submitted it to google for indexing. When I post content, and other people comment on my blog, Google will index my blog that will give backlinks to her website from footer area

Sitewide backlinks have negative impacts for SEO

From the definition of a sitewide link, we can see the high risk of it according to Google Penguin update for ” over optimization ” penalty. What happens if your website gets a thousand of backlinks with exact matching anchor-text from one page. It looks like an unnatural link in Google’s eyes.
For instance, Website A has not related topics to Website B. But Google found in Website B, a sitewide backlink in A’s sidebar to with exact matching keywords of A. What do you think now? Is it a natural link? No, I believe that Google will consider it as a potential buying backlinks services that violate Google Webmaster’s Rules.
In this case, Sitewide backlinks have negative impacts on SEO because It’s unnatural linking, get no value for readers. We know that Google tries to optimize for user’s experience. Why you want to get people out of your site with a link, that has not the same topic with your website. So suspicious here.

Sidewide Backlinks are good for Google ranking, by Matt Cutts

According to Matt Cutts’s statement recently, Sitewide backlinks have positive impacts as soon as it’s natural and related to readers. Instead of matching anchor-text keyword, you can use homepage URL, the domain for this case. It will lose the risk of using this method for getting tons of backlinks to your websites.
Or you should choose to get a sitewide link from the websites, blogs have the same topics to you, it’s for the best result.

How risks you get when building PBN?

PBN As a system of sites built when it grows, they will create contexual links to increase keyword rankings for the website they need to seo.
PBN Backlink Building Method Ultimate Guide 2017

How to build PBN

  1. The first floor is the money site (the main site you want to seo)
  2. The second floor is composed of satellites, the link to the first floor should require high quality content, unique. Traffic, backlink, domain diversity, built as the main site.
  3. The third floor is composed of 2.0 blogs. The 3rd floor may be articles selling content, forum link, blog comment. This layer links to the second floor should be like.
  4. 4th floor is usually spam blog, spam link for 3rd floor.

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So you have four floors to pay attention to. Equivalent to 4 layers of protection. However, SEODISCUSSION recommends that these are only preliminary guidelines. If you want to build a good PBN system, you must follow the following 7 steps:

  • Find an expired domain in your niche
  • Analyze its potential to pass down link juice for SEO
  • Register the shortlisted expired domain carefully
  • Host the domain
  • Setup the content on the domain
  • Link to your money site(s)
  • Update and drip new content into your PBN sites
  • What are the potential risks behind this kind of link building?

What Kind of Risks Do your moneysite Get?  

Actually, Google hated black hat tactics to improve the rankings of people’s website. Therefore, google has developed AI robots to detect suspicious sites and then send that site to the spam team to review and fine-tune the manual action.
You can not be sure that your site is safe or confident about the site. Google’s AI is updated daily, with sophisticated algorithms to detect errors. It is possible that the machine is not moral by humans, but their self-learning ability is difficult to control and can overcome human beings.

10 Auto Approved Blogs List Weekly Part 1

AA list, AA blog list, AA comment list
Auto Approve blog Commenting Site List 
Today, I will start the series of ” list 10 auto approved blog weekly ” for the first part. I mean I will give you list 10 blogs for auto approved comment once a week. It’s not big big list, but i filter it manual then it could be a high quality list and good content for comment backlink or just variety in domain for your website, blog.

Part 1: SEO Topic

Higher Ranking without Backlink Really Existed?

SEO method, advance seo method, backlink building
SEO without Backlink, Really Exist?
There are three ways to make your website get higher ranking, used by many webmasters. In details, they are:
  • Content is King, this method focus on writing high quality content, optimize for user experience. 
  • Backlink is King, this SEO method focus on backlink building, how many backlinks are, how faster their website is ranked for.. 
  • Traffic is money, If you have content, have backlink but don’t have traffic, then your website is fail. 

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So what is your way?. Some use the first method, they invest money and human resource on writing high quality content. Yep, this way is working, but it’s a part of SEO art. With low-competitive keywords, when you write content It will help ranking some low volume-competitive keywords, but it doesn’t mean that it’s enough for your website to get higher ranking result on google search. 
Other use the second way, they spam for backlinks on forums, blog 2.0, social,, any source for them to build backlink to their website. Sometime, they write a post, then build thousand of backlinks on it. This way has result, yes. But it live for short-time, not for long-term good seo plan. People who do outsource SEO did this way for deadline with their customer’s plans.  Read more: Get High Quality Backlinks From This Forum List
SEO link building, natural link building
Natural Link Building – Build Link without your effort
The remain way, I mean, Traffic, the huge traffic you draw to your website, the huge benefits you get for your website ranking.. In my opinion, I trust on this way. You need high quality traffic with high rate on time on site, time on page or post and care for pageview, view per page, internal link interaction.

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There is a signal for this type of ranking method. If your post get high volume of traffic, then you don’t need to SEO or spam link for it for SEO this website? It’s not total right, but when your post or website get more traffic, then other webmaster will link to your site without your effort or time on it. This way make people mistake that they don;t neeed to backlink for SEO. but they need backlink but in a natural way that Google love it.

Get High Quality Backlinks From This Forum List

Top high page rank forum for building profile link

1, Game Forum


2, Topic: Tech Forum


3, Marketing Forum


Is Backlink still keep valuable for SEO ?

Many webmasters said that Backlink is no value in this time, for improving ranking website. But I disagree with this opinion. Because I do some test and I know that Backlink still have value from now or then.
However, it’s not total answer for this.Today, SEO Discussion will make it clear to you. Some people spend their all time on building and making backlinks as much as possible. It’s not good at all. Use backlink in smart way to help you boost ranking and drawing traffics..
SEO, backlink, keyword ranking, Backlink Role, dead link
Backlink Still Live For Higher SEO Ranking
The questions here is how many backlinks are enough?
I don’t think it’s easy question for find an answer.. 
To know how many you need to improve your ranking, it depend on your competitor. Using ahref to uncover it from your competitor backlink profile. 
I will not go for detail, here.. you can do it yourself using ahref site explorer.. 
Back to the questions: how many backlinks are enough,  I think the answer is not put on how many backlink, but for how many domain referring come from your backlink? I think it’s different in some ways. 
talk about higher backlink quality for higher ranking is too old.. I want to point to another factors here: Different domains referral.
Sometime I wonder why some websites have higher ranking though they use tool like GSA for building backlinks? Really, for quality, I don’t think these domain ref have similar content subject or categories. It has so many external links.. it break the rule that a domain is linking to your website need to have under 10 external links. 
Then, the next question is, how we can use GSA to building for better ranking?
To answer for this question, let me show you this topic for tier link building system. And another point is that: Remember to make different domain linking back to your website as much as possible. 
Different domain with lower quality is one time use, and similar site content with higher quality like a forum which has the same categories with your site, I think you should care on it the most.

Explore Ahref URL Rating Distribution In Some Minutes

As a SEOer, I usually look into Ahref for my website backlink profile to know how many backlink that come to my site after I start backlink building strategy.  People enter Ahref for many purposes, but which factor is really important you should care rather than counting for backlinks?
Really, What are you looking for? High quality backlink or ranking checker on Ahref? I guess the answer is other. Besides checking for ranking or backink coming, I also do check for overview of website in ahref and the number of high quality backlink. In detail, it’s url rating factors. Do you know that, I have found it recently, it’s important to review a website if it’s good with good backlink or no. I high estimate the quality of backlink that come from high authority site and high url rating.

Url Rating Distribution in Ahref
I look for some big website such as or some other big site for SEO or any subjects. I realized that they have may backlinks with high URL Rating distribution. That scale from 20 – 100 link the pic above. 
I know the importance of these type of backlinks . I will show you how important it’s from domain below:
how importand of backlinkg with high url rating distribution
When i check for these link to know why it’s high url rating. It may be a site with relevant, or unrelevant subjects. It also have out of 100 external link out. So why Ahref point to this distribution, you can find by move mouse into that “!” and you will see. 
According to Ahref, Url rating show how strong a backlink profile of a target url. It means if your backlink come from a website with strong backlink profile, then the distribution will give a high score. 
As you can see, this link with high score url rating is high quality according to Ahref scale. So if you trust on Ahref rank or Ahref tools, you will trust the way Url Rating strong of them?

Top 10 SEO Strategies For Your Business Website To Improve Ranking

1, Short Article is better than long article, is it the truth?

Some people believe that Short Article for SEO is better than long articles, and the answer for this belief is wrong. SEO ranking requires for 2000 words article or your content will be mark as ” bad content” then, I think you know your right answer now.

2, Put a large number of keywords in the “metatag” section of your site. 

Really, the answer is not. According to Moz, meta tag is not play an important role in ranking any more. Then you don’t need to waste your time to stuck your keyword rankings inside meta tags because of its useless.

Read more about SEO tips here:

3, Using relevant anchor text for internal link building.

” Click here ” keyword for internal link or backlink is not good as it had before. Customize your links using keywords for added SEO benefits. Using descriptive keywords for your anchor text. This makes your page seem more relevant to the search engine spiders, helping to boost your overall rankings as a result.

4, Submit sitemap to Google first

You need to have a list of all of your site content if you want the most out of search engine optimization. Site maps make it significantly easier for search engine crawlers and spiders to access every webpage on your website. A big site might need more than 1 site map. A good rule to go by is to show only 100 links maximum on any given site map.

5, The first word of the title is your focus keyword

After deciding on your keywords, be sure to place them in the title of your web page. Choose a smart, appropriate title that will give users arriving at your site a good first impression. This helps make sure that your site matches the users’ searches, giving you more clicks.

6, Using Keyword in Domain 

When your blog is on your own site, under your domain name, it gives your website more visibility and power in search results. When you rank higher on search engine results, more people will visit your website.

7, Using keyword on comment tags, why not?

Sometimes, it is suggested to use keywords in the comment tags on a website to increase search engine visibility. Spend your time making sure the main content of your site is tagged appropriately.

You might consider trying podcasts. A podcast can be either auditory or visual content that relates to your business and your customers. You can get a big boost from streaming content live as well. This popular approach requires little more than locating and operating an audio recorder or webcam. Search engines can pull up your podcasts based on descriptions of them.

8, Keep description short and relevant to website’s content

Your title tag important so give it plenty of thought. Visitors usually read this first when they get into your site. This should be a description that is unique to your website’s content with keywords that are relevant. Additionally, keep this description short and sweet.

9, External link for trust source

Use off-site linking to reputable, quality content whenever possible, to give your SEO the best boost. This is by far an extremely vital part of linking. Search engines value more heavily off-site linking to valid information than they do to inter-website links. Try to secure links to sites that are going to refer to your site as well.

10, Balance your anchor density for full url and other types of keyword

As you get your interlinks in order, make sure to incorporate anchor text. Avoid words that won’t help optimize your website. You can get the assistance you need with anchor text from a SEO professional.

Anchor text, full url, backlink building, link out, external link
Anchor text type distribution

Make sure the service you use doesn’t block the ownership information of your domain. Search engines are likely to view sites with blocked domain info as spammy, and this can have repercussions.

And be patient for SEO Result

Search engine optimization takes time and you might be slow to see results. When working with SEO, many people want to see how the changes they make will impact their site immediately. However, the real results should be reply you for between 3 and 6 months, depend on the difficulity of your keywords.