Google Update on August help Spam site rank higher?

Talked with my buddy and belief his theory on the Google August Update is the best theory I have been able to find. He believes it was a “nerf” on the hummingbird. Which give largest sites more power but also seems to limit how well some pages rank for several different keywords. It now seems like you can stuff a lot more keyword variations in H3s and bringing your anchor text ratios up to include more alternative keywords. Is anyone else noticing this?

Google Released Their Silent Algorithm Updates on Aug 22th and Sep 11th

As you might know, Google is the biggest search engine in the world so it has to dedicate a lot of resources to provide better results to the user query. Google updates its algorithm from 500 to 600 times a year and doesn’t usually officially announce it unless those updates were significant. Recently, there were two more updates on August 22nd and September 11th since the last major update – “Medic” Core Update on August 1, 2018.
These updates are aiming at providing more relevant and better search result and sometimes it can affect many sites or only a few sites. There is no official announcement about Sept 11 and August 22 algorithm update so I would say that there might be a small update and you should not pay much attention to it. If your ranking doesn’t drop then continually do exactly what you are doing now. But if your ranking did drop, then you should start checking out the SEPRs.
Google algorithm updated on this september
Here are some tips on how to deal with these two updates:
Since both these updates are just small one and don’t affect significantly, they don’t have official names or be announced by Google. Some websites experienced traffic growth, while the others saw the abrupt traffic decrease. First, you need to understand the purpose of these update is to provide more useful and easy to read content that relevant to the user queries. Google’s old boring answer for all ranking drops and terrible traffic is great contents.
If you witness some drops in your website ranking, then don’t be panic. Do some research to understand what the problems here. The rater guidelines is a great place to start.
Google has announced that it favors more mobile-friendly page so one of the best ways to deal with low ranking is focused on user experience. Verify your page on many different devices and make sure to eliminate misaligned technology.
Improve thin content on your pages. You should keep in mind that pages with fewer 400 words are the easy target for Google penalty. Google changes their algorithm with a singer goal to offer a better service to the customers, so these update will consider how your website can help the customers. Focus on a great content is the core key to do this and it is also the best way to avoid any drop in the future. Keywords are not that actually important. Use key search appropriately and naturally. Make sure your content is also easy to read.
The update on Sep 11th and Aug 22th are just two in hundred of silent updates Google have each year. Sometimes, if your website was not being impacted, you wouldn’t know it happen. My advice is to monitor your website performance via Google Search Console to keep up with the change in rank and traffic. Always prepare and don’t panic since these things will happen a lot in SEO field.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Last August, Google released a new broad core algorithm update. They do it several times a year and usually don’t announce it, but this time it’s different. This time is a significant update changing the whole algorithm. If you wonder how it will affect your site, then dive right in.
The broad core algorithm update suggests that there were changes in a variety of factors and not just in one distinct industry. To serve a better result for a specific purpose, Google weight ranking factors differently. It doesn’t matter what language or region you are in since this is a global roll out, all search results will be affected.
Even though there are many sites have been impacted by this new update, based on the research done so far, it looks like they focus on health sites and YMYL sites – web pages that dispense medical or financial advice. Google wants to make sure only experts will write these pages so that no one gets dangerous advice. Google has also indicated that there is nothing wrong with sites that lost ranking. Why is that?
google update, google algorithm update
Google broad core algorithm update in August

What is a broad core algorithm update?

To put simply, it’s an improvement to answer search queries using view by understanding user intent and content. If your sites drop ranking, that is not because you have bad quality. It’s just that Google will favor sites that it thinks is more relevant to user intent. So you can’t do anything to fix it because there is nothing to fix.

How can you regain ranking from Google broad core algorithm update

Try reading  Google’s Search Quality Guidelines to understand what Google think users may prefer to and study top performing to understand what causes a website to decrease or increase its ranking. According to a few members on WebmasterWorld, they have succeeded in applying what they read to improve their ranking. Below are the critical elements you need to pay attention if you want to conquer this update:

  • Quality content: Well, Google has suggested that companies should focus on creating quality content that solves problems for users.  Top performing sites don’t even feature the search keywords. So, if you included a dozen synonym in your post, it would not improve your ranking.
  • User intent: To attract the users, you need to know what their need is and how you can provide them. Queries won’t tell you what they want. You need to concentrate on your niche audience and identify their unique characters, what their problems are and how you can solve them. Create buyer personas with their personalities and needs, and do as much research as you can.
  • User Experience: Always aimed at optimal viewing experience. Your site should be easy to read, navigate and be able to use in a wide range of devices. When design UX, you should include factors like download speed, font size, etc.

In summary, don’t worry too much about the ranking. Just wait and focus on providing excellent content to your audience. I hope this post will give you better insight into how to survive through a broad core algorithms update.

What Google update broad core 2018 show off?

Recently, Google released their update for broad core 2018 algorithms. It affected to many websites. Some people consider that this updated focus on backlinks while google said that this update for E-A-T. E-A-T stand for Experts, Authority, and Trust. It means for content quality writing. not only backlink. And If your website has E-A-T content writing, then you can hope that your website will reach high ranking after this updates.

5 Most Things About Google RankBrain Will Change Your Mind For Effective Ranking Results

google ranking bot, ranking factors, google rankbrain, search results
Google RankBrain will Change Our Mind for Ranking Methods Now
Backlinko has publish a guide about RankBrain , It opens for us a new way for ranking optimization. So, in this post, I will show some basic concepts of google rankbrain in 5 main points:
  1. What is google Rankbrain
  2. How RankBrain works
  3. Keyword research for this AI world
  4. Increase CTR
  5. Optimize your website’s user experience

1. What is google RankBrain?

Google RankBrain is a new machine learning (AI) that is developed by Google recently. It will take responsive for sorting all search result then send it back to Google and let them process it. 

2. How RankBrain works

To understand how Google RankBrain work in comparison with the way google did before, consider it here
Google Before: When user search a query on google search bar
  • Google bot scan if the exact match keywords appear in a page, then return that page as the search’s results.
  • For brand new keywords, google bot will guess it because it has never appeared before and don’t know it exactly. 
Google RankBrain now: 

  • Understand 100% accurate for what you search
  • Figuire what user mean rather than how exact match the words are
  • It determine the concept of that search query, then return related results in that concept. Not for any page that included these keywords but not related to that concept.

3. Keyword research for this AI world

With the accuracy and effectiveness of this new AI from google. Google Rankbrain is expected to understand 100% what people search for and return all good search results back for boosting user’s experience. Here are some important notes you should think of:
  • This bot tests user experience to decide whether to rank or demote, page vs keyword.
  • Provide the same results for a search query with the same meaning. (Old Google: Find pages containing that phrase and return results to users when searching)
  • Longtail keyword is no longer useful, medium tail keywords are better, however, the competition is higher than longtails, search volum.
  • So one word for a page. Based on that it returns the search query similar to the meaning of his word seo (before I do the opposite)
  • Focus on increasing page CTR rather than backlinks, vs other factors because this bot will decide based on that.

4. Increase CTR

Use parentheses at the end of each title, and use emotion when possible (helps increase CTR)
  • Use the numbers in the headlines to stimulate the user
  • Use words like: good, new, effective…

5. Optimize your website’s user experience

Optimize Description tag
  • Add emotion to it
  • Describe the purpose of stimulating the user to click on the page
  • Copy-paste the words adword into it
  • Do not forget to include the main keyword of the page

Optimized contents of bound rate
  • Put the content in the visible section right away
  • Use 5-10 short introductory sentences
  • Write long, deep content
  • Split the content into multiple sections (using subheadings)

But all of us know that these are the thing we know but not all things everyone do. .

Google Algorithm Test for Top 5 Search Result

A bird told me that Google test on Search Result, for friendly mobile user. Instead show 10 results from SEO and 4 results from Adword. Maybe from now, Google will only show top 5 results from SEO, and top 2 result for Adword if user do search using their smartphone.
Is it good or bad?
My answer is bad, Top 10 result for some competitive key is so hard, now top 5 is very very hard. 
If Google search just show 5 result instead of 10 results as before, I sure that SEO become hardest than ever.
Let’s discuss about it and have good prepare also solutions for this.