What exact mean ” traffic ” in Google Analytics?

When someone told me about ” how much traffic comes to a website site” I feel nervous, because When I look into Google Analytics, they show this statics: visitors, new visitors, page view, sessions. What is the traffic here?

After researching on the Internet, I get to know that ” traffic is calculated by the sum of the session to that website”. So traffic here exactly means ” session”.

Should linked Adword with analytics or not?

Based on the benefits that bring up when linked analytics account with Adword for your campaign, I believe that you will not make the wrong decision. Here is the proof, ( by google ads academy)

google ads linked analytics benefits explaination

As the screenshot is shown above, I think you will not miss it. or your campaign will not optimize for the best result.

Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

I use Google analytics. Not crazy about it. It’s kind of confusing.

Is there an easy way to look at traffic from the WordPress dashboard using a plugin (paid or free). I have several sites and when I go to google analytics it’s a headache. I was thinking that if I get to see data directly from my WP dashboard that could help me out. I focus on one site and not several…

Or should I just do a better job of study how G.A works? If that’s is the case any recommended posts or articles that you could share to help me.