Excel Tips: How to sort event and odd numbers

find odd even numbers excel

Problem: “I have a list of street addresses and need to sort by even and odd numbers in order to know which houses are on each side of the street. Is there a way to do this in Excel?”


Ah, the wonderful world of real estate – house numbers, parcel numbers, lot numbers, plat maps – there are definitely a lot of terms to know and understand. However, when it comes to real estate, most people know that houses on any given street are numbered even on one side of the street and the odd numbers houses are located on the opposite side of the street.

Each city may have its own specifics, but as a general rule, even numbers are located on the North side of the streets and odd numbers are located on the South side of the streets. Phoenix is one of the best examples of this rule as the city is based on a North-South grid, for the most part.

Now that I’ve gotten the real estate information out of the way; let’s move on how to find even and odd numbers in Excel.

With the list open in Excel, you may decide upon using any of the following functions that handle even and odd numbers.

The “=ISEVEN” function returns a “True” or “False” in the cell.
Let’s use the following example. Column A contains street names and Column B contains street numbers. Type the subsequent formula in Column C.

We’ll assume Row 1 contains headers and therefore Row 2 begins the street numbers. Copy the formula down to all rows containing data.

Notice the results in Column C contain the word “True” for all “Even” numbers and the word “False” for all “Odd” numbers.

Use the simple “A to Z” or “Z to A” buttons to sort the numbers by “Even” or “Odd.” If specific sorting needs to be obtained then use the “Sort” button to open the “Sort” window allowing for more detailed sorting levels.


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Use the “=ISODD” function exactly the same as the “=ISEVEN” function above. However, the results with the “=ISODD” function return the exact opposite results as the “=ISEVEN”  function. The results for odd numbers returns the word “True” in the field and the word “False” appears for numbers that are even.
The two functions “=EVEN” and “=ODD” are used differently than the “=ISEVEN” and “=ISODD” functions listed above.

When using these formulas, results are changed numbers.

  • The “=EVEN” function returns an even number by rounding the number in the formula.
  • The “=ODD” function returns an odd number by rounding the number in the formula.

Use these functions above to provide specific results in finding even and odd numbers in Excel.