Drop-shipping Ebay: How It Work

Together with FBA, drop-shipping develops special in two market Ebay and Amazon. Really, Drop-shipping mean that you sell something on Ebay, someone buy it from your list, They send their money for you to buy that product. Then you take that money and buy it from other suppliers for buyer. And you take a little bit money from that.
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How drop-shipping Ebay works?

For example, you can see the full stage here:
Dropshipping Ebay, Amazon, mmo
Dropshipping Ebay | How It Really Works

  • Step 1: Seller find a list of product he or she want to sell to customer, then list it to his or her Ebay listing products, set price to auction or exact price.
  • Step 2; Seller promote or market their product to reach to their audience
  • Step 3: Customer finds a product he or she want to buy on Ebay listing products
  • Step 4: Customer pays the money to Ebay through seller’s PayPal
  • Step 5: Seller receive full money and save a part of it for their pocket, and take the remain to purchase a product from Amazon, and type the customers shipping address.
  • Step 6: Customer receive his or her products.

Finish 6 steps and you will sell a successful product on Ebay and become a drop-shipping seller. however, if buyer don’t like the product or the product is not good, then you take responsibility of money back to customer or refund PayPal money to them.