What is criteria for buying domain for SEO?

So I found 2 domains that I would like to build my site on because of the names. One is very old (1999) and one is younger but slightly aged (2016). Does it make any difference in ranking if I use the oldest one? I intend to make quality content and depend on content to rank but I am up against some Wikipedia. I have beaten Wikipedia in the past but my domain ranked for stuff Wikipedia didn’t compete with so It became strong enough to past it. The site I want to build is going to be head-on fighting with Wikipedia for a lot of terms so any little boost will help. I am not trying to a black hat with backlinks, I just like the names and want to know what you guys think.

Is it possible to automate the process of monitoring and registering domains?

It’s called drop-catching (if I understood you correctly) but it’s a battle of resources mostly, not brains. If you just do a script you’ll never catch a good domain, especially if you are after .com

We have invested a 6-figure sum into this and still can only catch in most ccTLDs (not all). The right investment to be competitive in .com would be about $6 million initially + $3 million a year (targeting a 25% market share).


Today, We will show you how to deal with DMCA report for both Your Domain and Your Page which from Google DMCA remove from google search results.

First, We need you to understand that it’s a blackhat tricks. Then if you are not belong this world, just skip this post.

And, it’s the good advice is that You do understand what you will have to face with.

What is DMCA Report Against Your Domain or Your Website Content?

As We know, DMCA is US law for against copyright content infringement such as, films, books, music, sound, for download or sharing online. It can apply for both your domain name and your website content no matter if you host it on your website or not. They have right to take down your domain, your content and your SEO effort from google search results.

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How to deal with DMCA Report for Both Domain and Page Level


For webmaster who want to build a movie streaming site, or copyright content, video, sound, music… it’s needed to register a domain extension that ignored DMCA notices. Or their domain will be taken down by domain registrar. So, the important thing here is not the domain extension, it must be the offshore domain registrar plus domain extension. Then, we are here.
Get rid of DMCA for Your Website Domain & Hosting
1, NEVER USE THESE DOMAIN NAMES for your website because it’s managed by VeriSign, a Washington DC-based company, is controlled by the US government.

com, .net, .name, .gov, .cc, and .tv

2. NEVER USE THESE DOMAIN NAMES that is managed and owned by Afilias, a company that blocked one of the domains of WikiLeaks.

.info, .mobi, .org, .asia, .aero, .ag, .bz, .gi, .hgn, .in, .lc, .me, .mn, .sc and .vc


.to .is .io .ag .se .fm

Because it’s owned and provided by VeriSign or Afilias. However, these top level country domains, they is not belong DMCA policy ( for EU or US). You can secure your website here.

4, The most important is OFFSHORE DOMAIN REGISTRAR,  they are domain registrars who is outside of US, they usually are Sweden, Iceland, or Netherland places allow you right to free speech and right to be anonymous online. And don’t forget, if you can register a domain anonymously, no one can reach you but consider for domain’s authorize right. You also register hosting offshore for almost security for your websites.


Police can find you if you use common payment methods like paypal, perfectmoney, visa, bank transfer or any else. However, Police cannot trace you if your use bitcoin or other coin, because it’s almost impossible to trace. Plus, use Tor or VPN for hiding your IP address.


What happens if one day your WMT receive a DMCA notice and Google decided to remove your page from Google search results? Is this really hurt? YES YES and YES. We sure you will feel nervous for that because it maybe a wrong report, and Google just de-index your page from google search results. And that you have invested almost your time, your money in it. 
So, we are here to help you fix this hurt things. At first, It’s really not our mind for this case, we just read it somewhere and tested it before we show it here. So it’s possible to gain your SEO effort from url page that is disappear of google search results. 
All you need to do, is so simple, anyone can do this. Not really a trick, but it’s ok. 
Now, we start. 
Before we did this test, when we get a url that is reported by someone for copyright content form them or someone else. We just leave it or just deleted it. Wow, think again, it’s not good. because we don’t want to see our effort just go away like that.
Then we need it back, really. Follow these step – by -step and you will see it back in 48 hours.

  • Url is removed by Google
  • Change to new URL
  • Redirect old to new one
  • Use google stretch tool in WMT for google to re-index this url
  • Wait and see it comeback
Bingo, the steps is done now. Not too difficult, right? We hope this will help you. And feel free to discussing more in this topic. Thanks.