Latest article marketing tips for newbie

So what is article marketing? Article marketing is often called “affiliate article marketing” because it is very popular with internet affiliate marketers. Article marketing is an internet business technique that is used mainly by marketing affiliates but is also used by online businesses to promote all kinds of products. (health & beauty products, electronic co’s, etc…)

Article marketing as a concept is simple:

1. You write articles. Your articles include a link to your website or to an affiliate page

2. You submit articles to free online article directories;

3. People read your articles online and click the link to visit your website

4. Once at your website (or affiliate page) your readers purchase the item you are promoting and you earn a commission.


How to Do Keyword Research and Optimizing Content for Local SEO?

How to do keyword research and Content Optimizing for Local SEO | SEO Discussion

Question: When doing keyword research and optimizing content for keywords, how do you handle people searching for city names differently, IE Salt Lake City, slc, salt lake, salt lake city ut, etc?


Search those terms in Google to check to see whether or not Google views them as synonymous.
If they do, they will display results that include salt lake city when you search SLC, for example. If not, they’re treating those terms as different from each other even though they really aren’t.
In either case, your on-page content and back links shouldn’t really focus on including those terms as that’s not going to be viewed as natural.
If the site is for a dentist, having “dentist in salt lake city” or “SLC dentist” all over the page or as back links to the site is going to scream out as being unnatural as that’s not the way people write or talk about dental services (they are location independent) nor is that the way other sites would naturally link to a dental website.
For on-page content, you should have services pages which detail the services provided (teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, etc.) and an areas served page that discusses the areas they cover.
For backlinks you should focus on mostly brand/URL (naked and compound) and page title with a very small number of exact match anchors (say less than 5% of the total links should be of this type).
Other than that, you should make sure the NAP information is consistent across all citations, audit and cleanup citations as needed, optimize map rankings, setup some kind of review management system, maintain an active GMB profile (i.e. use Google Posts) and social profiles, and make sure any references to the business on other authority sites (Yelp, HomeStars, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Real Self, etc.) are optimized as well.
Doing that will have a far greater effect on the organic search performance of the website than trying to add those terms within content and the backlinks pointing to the website.
(Jason Dolman from Facebook)