How to restrict your iPhone apps to share your information

You might not know this, but many free-download apps for iPhones are not actually free. You still have to pay for it with your privacy. According to a group of researchers at the GuardianApp project, they have found many iPhone apps share user location data to third-party firms.

Your smartphone contains a lot of personal data; and every time you sign up for a free service, you are selling some of your privacy. These apps collect user information to throw up a targeted advertising strategy to bolster its sales. The best way to completely stop them from spying on you is not to use these apps at all. But we all know, that is not going to happen. Even though you can not stop them completely but you can down it to minimums.

Every iPhone app will require your consent to access to your phone. Go to Setting and tap an app to see what kind of access you allow it to make. Some apps might use these data to do their job like weather apps will need your location to report forecast, but you can not guarantee they won’t share your information with a data monetization firm. You can restrict access data for apps that don’t need it and switch off the permission to track your location or to connect with to your contact, or photos.

To reduce privacy leak, take your time to go through your installed apps and remove those you no longer use or need. Doing this will also help speed up your iPhone due to more space free.

Another suggestion is in your privacy setting, turn on limiting ad tracking can. You can add extra privacy protection on your phone by resetting the Advertising Identifier. Limiting ad tracking can make it more difficult for data companies to identify users.

I hope this article can help you protect your privacy better.  Hope to see you soon.