How do you think about the idea of earning some money while you are sleeping? There is a quick way for you to generate an income online. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

It’s simple to get started but you can make some mistakes that could hurt your business. These following mistakes you should avoid or they will lead your business to failure.

#1 Not following the guidelines

A lot of sellers created an account without reading Amazon’s terms and conditions first. Then one day they wake up with their account suspended or, even worst, banned. Haste makes waste. Be careful from the start.
Tips for you: Read thoroughly the Amazon’s policies before getting started. It’s also a good idea for you to watch videos on Youtube, read blogs that guide you on how to make money with FBA.

#2 Not doing proper product research

The goal with Amazon FBA is to find the most profitable products to sell. If you don’t do enough research before choosing what to sell, you may easily fail.
Don’t ignore the competitiveness of the products. Don’t choose the products on emotion, either.
Tips for you: Try to use a tool to help you out. It helps you save a lot of time by providing you with lots of insights like reviews, the BSR price, inventory level, estimated sales, and so on. Instead of guessing and then making decisions, you will know what to do based on data and facts the tool gives you.

#3 Focusing on a single product

What happens if you wake up one day and realize that your product is not selling anymore? This is absolutely not a smart strategy.
Launching an Amazon business is about building a brand. First, start your business with a product and perform the research for it. Then, consider ways to extend your product line. Having more products means you won’t be worried about the profits.
Tips for you: Research the market and choose at least 2-3 products to make money with FBA.

#4. Competing against Amazon

Never try to compete with Amazon unless you want your business to die soon. It’s almost impossible for you to compete on prices because Amazon has the highest margins. They not only can lower their prices more than you’ll afford but they also do have higher stocks than any sellers.
Tips for you: Research the market to make sure that Amazon doesn’t also sell the items you are going to sell. Camel Camel Camel can help you out to find even the items Amazon has used to provide but run out of stock.

#5. Not having standard images and optimized product listing

The product listing tells your customers what you sell. A good one will work and a bad one will turn customers away. In addition, the image has to be correct as Amazon’s policy is quite strict. So, they need to be spot on.
Tips for you: Make sure that the product listing exactly matches the product. Remember it’s the fundamental requirement. Do not use images which feature multiple products and do not include animated images. Amazon requires that the main image for your product include only the product that you are selling, on a white background.

Drop-shipping Ebay: How It Work

Together with FBA, drop-shipping develops special in two market Ebay and Amazon. Really, Drop-shipping mean that you sell something on Ebay, someone buy it from your list, They send their money for you to buy that product. Then you take that money and buy it from other suppliers for buyer. And you take a little bit money from that.
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How drop-shipping Ebay works?

For example, you can see the full stage here:
Dropshipping Ebay, Amazon, mmo
Dropshipping Ebay | How It Really Works

  • Step 1: Seller find a list of product he or she want to sell to customer, then list it to his or her Ebay listing products, set price to auction or exact price.
  • Step 2; Seller promote or market their product to reach to their audience
  • Step 3: Customer finds a product he or she want to buy on Ebay listing products
  • Step 4: Customer pays the money to Ebay through seller’s PayPal
  • Step 5: Seller receive full money and save a part of it for their pocket, and take the remain to purchase a product from Amazon, and type the customers shipping address.
  • Step 6: Customer receive his or her products.

Finish 6 steps and you will sell a successful product on Ebay and become a drop-shipping seller. however, if buyer don’t like the product or the product is not good, then you take responsibility of money back to customer or refund PayPal money to them.