Explore Ahref URL Rating Distribution In Some Minutes

As a SEOer, I usually look into Ahref for my website backlink profile to know how many backlink that come to my site after I start backlink building strategy.  People enter Ahref for many purposes, but which factor is really important you should care rather than counting for backlinks?
Really, What are you looking for? High quality backlink or ranking checker on Ahref? I guess the answer is other. Besides checking for ranking or backink coming, I also do check for overview of website in ahref and the number of high quality backlink. In detail, it’s url rating factors. Do you know that, I have found it recently, it’s important to review a website if it’s good with good backlink or no. I high estimate the quality of backlink that come from high authority site and high url rating.

Url Rating Distribution in Ahref
I look for some big website such as blackhatworld.com or some other big site for SEO or any subjects. I realized that they have may backlinks with high URL Rating distribution. That scale from 20 – 100 link the pic above. 
I know the importance of these type of backlinks . I will show you how important it’s from blackhatworld.com domain below:
how importand of backlinkg with high url rating distribution
When i check for these link to know why it’s high url rating. It may be a site with relevant, or unrelevant subjects. It also have out of 100 external link out. So why Ahref point to this distribution, you can find by move mouse into that “!” and you will see. 
According to Ahref, Url rating show how strong a backlink profile of a target url. It means if your backlink come from a website with strong backlink profile, then the distribution will give a high score. 
As you can see, this link with high score url rating is high quality according to Ahref scale. So if you trust on Ahref rank or Ahref tools, you will trust the way Url Rating strong of them?

SEO Discussion for Moving Man Method to build high quality backlink

Beside broken link building or Wiki broken link building, you know new method for backlink building strategy, it’s Moving Man Method from backlinko.com . It’s effective method for SEO you mustn’t know it before.

moving man, backlink building method, broken link building,
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This is how Moving Man Method work for building high quality backlink:

  • Step 1: Find sites or resources that have changed names, shut down, or moved.
  • Step 2: Find sites linking to the old page.
  • Step 3: Give them a heads up about their outdated link.
Some helps for find CLOSED WEBSITE maybe useful for you with Google search query strings:
  • “service not available”
  • “page no longer exists”
  • “this website is no longer updated”
  • “this page is no longer updated”
  • “no longer available”
  • “website closed”
  • “service no longer available”
Next, You need a tool for check backlink that link to these page, then steal it. 
Now, we can use Ahref – A power SEO tool for backlink check and Steal it to get high ranking from Search Engine Result Pages ( SERPs)
Wait, the last step is so easy. Just notice the website’s owner which link to these pages that their link is outdated, and they maybe give your site a chance to put an alternative link.