Should make a 301 redirect or all 404 page to homepage?

I see this question somewhere, don’t remember, it’s an interesting question because I have the same problem. When I move to blogspot to WordPress blog with shared hosting. It causes many 404 errors that send the report to my webmaster tool. It’s annoying, and I need to get rid of it.

Should I make it a 301 redirect all 404 error page to the homepage? What happens if I make it a 301, is it decrease my blog’s ranking or not?

I think, we should make a 301 redirect since it will pass the link juice and didn’t cause lost ranking. But it happens if you move from old site to new site, and change the URL ( domain) then you should do that. But if that link does not exist on your page, then 404 to homepage may be a better solution here.


How To Migrate A Website From Blogger To WordPress

For blogger, who is familiar with writing post on blogspot because blogger is convenient to use. But someday when you plan for a big website with a share hosing, then you will want to move your blogger blog to a new wordpress site. But how to do all of this and keep ranking for content, for keywords from old blogs?

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The way to move blogspot to wordpress site without losing ranking

Why You Should Move Your Blogger To WordPress with 301 Redirect?

To keep ranking on the new wordpress site, You need to make a 301 redirect for your website’s switching. Do you know about 301 redirect?
Really, 301 Redirect is different from 302 redirect because when you want to move your website to a new website one and forever and dont want to lose the effort you did on for ranking on your old blog. Then 301 Redirect is your effective solution. 
302 Redirect is different, It happens when you just need to move your blog temporary to new site, then you will move site back. You can use 302 Redirect for that case.

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The Six Steps To Move Blogger To WordPress Safely and Superfast

Here are the steps you will be taking to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google rankings.
  • Sign up with WordPress hosting company.
  • Export your Blogger blog by visiting Settings » Other page.
  • Import Blogger to WordPress by visiting Tools » Import page in WordPress admin area.
  • Setting up permalinks on your new WordPress blog.
  • Setting up redirects for Blogger visitors to WordPress posts
  • Set up redirects for RSS feeds
  • Import your images from Blogger to WordPress media library.
Or you can watch video demo for these step.