Should or Shouldn’t Submit Backlink To Google For Indexing?

It seem to be that this question make some noise when other seoers talked about it recently when they have done their link building in a day. Should or shouldn’t submit backlink to google?

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Should submit backlink to google?

Why submit backlink to google

Submit a link to google like a todolist that SEO technicians have to do after they wrote a post or make a change on their website daily. The importance  of link submitting is minimum when you do seo. 
Before you promote a website to other, and after you publish a website, a post, you need to submit that link to google for indexing. If don’t, your website is visible on google. It is a weak for your website.
Because when you submitted a website successful to google, google will send a bot to crawler your website and if they found link, or content or something on website then it show to google. 
So, I have to say that submit a link to google is the important step when you promote that website.
However, for submit backlink is another case

Why shouldn’t submit backlink to google

As I said, submit backlink is different case from submit a link to google. First, you should understand what a backlink is.
ShoutMeLoud said that backlink are coming links to a web-page. 
There are 7 types of backlinks:
  • Link Juice: When a webpage links to any of your articles or your website’s homepage.
  • No-Follow Link: When a website link to another website but tag nofollow to that link. ( Google when crawl this page will stay on this page and not follow the link to the page ( that link go to).
  • Do-Follow Link: A link with more strenght when you put on your website and follow the link to another website.
  • Linking root domains: The number of backlinks coming into your website from a unique domain.
  • Low-quality links: This term is sometime not clearly. Somepeople say no to link from porn site while other say yes.
  • Internal link: Links that are going from one page to another within the same domain.
  • Anchor text: Text that is used for hyperlinks. 

Next, is the main point that explain why you shouldn’t submit backlink to google.

Although submit a link like a chance for your website to get update soon from google bot crawler. however, for backlink submitting, it’s not natural to do that. Google like something that is natural, special for backlink. When you build a backlink, it meant that you make it unnatural to your website. And if you try to submit that link to google, you make that clear than anything.

If you dont fear of google ban, just do it. But be carefull or google will list your site in his banning list.

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