Should I build new website for my entertainment company?

I work in a Catering & Entertainment Company and the existing website to this project is a mix – so we present on this website both categories with our Brand! And already doing SEO with it longer time (catering & entertainment)!
Its a kind of EXPERIENCE-CATERING what we do – very special ;-)!

We choose a lot of longtail Keywords for ranking & city combinations! And you can book both services also separately ;-)!
So… as the category “Catering” is much higher in search volume on Google and we have more contracts with that – I want to make a new website – which is just specified on Catering!

So…what I hardly want to know is:

– Can I put the same address in the Impressum on the new website – exactly like it is on our existing website now with: same brand, street, city… – and make SEO without problems?

I heard that is not that good if a site is a similar topic with the same address in the Impressum! Can that cause any problems?
Our website yet – should not fall into any penalty!

But if that’s no problem – I would like to know if I can link from my existing website now – to the new website later after some months? An anchor link maybe from starting page!

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