Should allow guest post link to my website?

It’s a good question to find the answer. I think it’s the matter each webmaster would love to know the answers. Since you didn’t have enough time to write for your website. And then, someone wants to guest post it with the backlink to their website. But it’s not simply to solve since it may be hurt your website’s ranking if you don’t know well about how to run it.

Here are these explanations about this question. Please follow it below.

1,  It won’t hurt your rankings if it is related to your niche.

2, It will definitely not hurt your ranking as long as the website that is linked is relevant from your niche and content.

3, Just watch the links and where they go to. And remember, it’s YOUR site and you can dictate all the rules about guest posts. Don’t blindly accept a guest post just because they are paying you.

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