What is criteria for buying domain for SEO?

So I found 2 domains that I would like to build my site on because of the names. One is very old (1999) and one is younger but slightly aged (2016). Does it make any difference in ranking if I use the oldest one? I intend to make quality content and depend on content to rank but I am up against some Wikipedia. I have beaten Wikipedia in the past but my domain ranked for stuff Wikipedia didn’t compete with so It became strong enough to past it. The site I want to build is going to be head-on fighting with Wikipedia for a lot of terms so any little boost will help. I am not trying to a black hat with backlinks, I just like the names and want to know what you guys think.

Get high ranking on Google: Both side of the Level

I can tell you how easy you can get page rank 1, 2, or 3 for your blog, at the same time you will know how hard to get page rank 4 and above.

I’m not high profile blogger and just blogging for more than one year, but my experience has been helped me to complete a survey for the journey of gaining page rank for all my blogs although I’m not very sure about how google page rank algorithm works.

Yes, nobody can exactly know how google page rank algorithm works because Google has never made known to public officials. But, we can predict how to gain page rank although it is not 100% per cent the correct way!

Why Your Blog is Still Unranked after Several Times of Google Page Rank Update

I have about 10 blogs, several blogger blogs (blogspot) and 6 domain blogs. Firstly, let me tell you why your blog is still unranked after several times of google page rank update. I have one private and secret blogger blog which has never get linked to any other blog or website because I don’t want to let people know about this blog. After several times of google page rank update, this blog still shows unranked instead of PR0. From here I can guess blog without any linking from other blog or website will never have page rank, your blog will be always showed page rank unranked.

How Easy Your Blog Can Get Page Rank 1, 2, or 3

I have several blogs with less than 10 linking from other blogs with page rank 1,2, or 3, so these blogs have gained PR1 and PR2 after page rank is updated. That’s so easy to get PR1 or PR2, so don’t waste your money to buy the domain name with PR1, 2, or 3 with the high price. Be patience to wait for google page rank update, I believe that you can get PR1 easily without putting your hard work to build the link.

What about PR3 blog, how to gain PR3 for your blog, I’m not sure how many linking that you need if your blog wants to gain PR3. Most probably more than 10 linking is better, the most important is that try to exchange your blog link with PR3 blog which relevant to your blog topic.

How Hard to Get Page Rank 4 and above.

Definitely very difficult if you have never put effort to build your link! I read many blogs every day, I have checked their page rank for every blog that I read, I wonder how they can get PR4 and above.

I found that blogs with page rank 4 and over most probably received many reviews with the link from other blogs. Of course, these blogs get reviewed for free because they write good contents. CONTENT IS KING! If people love your content, they will link your blog or blog post automatically.

Some blogs create free and premium theme for people to download and then get the credit from people who use their free and premium theme. At the bottom of the free or premium theme, most of the times you can see the blog or website link from the original theme designer.

They are many other ways to gain page rank – buy link, buy a review, comment do follow the blog, and etc. You heard it, right?

I’m just sharing about my experience of how to gain page rank for my blogs in this post. However, if you can share how to gain page rank for your blog, we are great to hear about it!

Correct me if I was wrong because I’m not genius in gaining page rank for my blog! :)

Should make a 301 redirect or all 404 page to homepage?

I see this question somewhere, don’t remember, it’s an interesting question because I have the same problem. When I move to blogspot to WordPress blog with shared hosting. It causes many 404 errors that send the report to my webmaster tool. It’s annoying, and I need to get rid of it.

Should I make it a 301 redirect all 404 error page to the homepage? What happens if I make it a 301, is it decrease my blog’s ranking or not?

I think, we should make a 301 redirect since it will pass the link juice and didn’t cause lost ranking. But it happens if you move from old site to new site, and change the URL ( domain) then you should do that. But if that link does not exist on your page, then 404 to homepage may be a better solution here.


Should build pbn with brand new domain?

I think this question is not new while some people ignore the importance of building pbn, some people notice its role in SEO ranking. Back to this question, I would suggest anyone should build pbn with expired domain since it takes over the link power, domain age, and more benefits. or you should start with the auction domain.

The progress to make a pbn from the brand new domain is taking a lot of time, money.  So it’s not easy for anyone to build it.

Top blog comment tips for better SEO ranking results


Links are the medium of exchange for SEO and Internet marketing. The more quality one-way links that are directed towards it, the better it looks in the eyes of search engines like Google, and Yahoo. Every site has a certain amount of established trust with the search engines and when one site links to another, it passes along a bit of that trust in the form of “link juice.” The more links a site has determined the amount of link juice it contains. This alerts the search engines that this is a valuable and useful site (the idea being that better quality site will have more incoming links as they are more frequently referenced).

A link building campaign is defined as the process of building up the number of inbound links your site has. There are many places that one is able to get a link, but a very popular and useful link source is through commenting on blogs.  In order to get the most out of your blog commenting, here are 5 top rated blog commenting tips.

1. Use your real name when possible

Sometimes bigger companies don’t want to use an actual person’s name when blog commenting, in case that person leaves or is fired from the company. But you should strive to comment on using a real name whenever possible. This breeds trust with the blog owner and the blog’s community. Hiding behind a business name can be frowned upon, as you are less accountable for your comments.

2. Three sentence minimum should be your goal

Blog commenting is not only useful for link building, but it is also a great way to brand yourself and establish your company/business as an industry expert. Setting a 3 sentence minimum for your comments will help you make sure you are actually leaving a valid comment. Blog owners can spot a stock comment(Ex: Great post! Very informative. Thanks so much for sharing!)a mile away.

3. DUH!! Actually, read the post

This may seem like “well, duh” thing to say, but you’d be amazed to find out the percentages of people who just leave a comment without actually reading the post. Usually, they just read the first paragraph and rehash what the author said. You want to know that what you are saying is relevant to the post, and add value to it. Posting an unrelated comment discredits your authority and undermines your brand building. If it’s an exceptionally long post, then at least skim the whole thing, looking for the high lights.

4. Respond to other comments

Writing response comments is a great way to stir up a conversation with the blog’s other readers. Getting involved with the blog’s community can help you develop new connections and professional relationships. You never know who you might meet on a popular industry blog. Other industry professionals and potential clients tend to turn to the same thought leaders for the latest news and trends.

5. Early Comments get the worm

Most blog posts go live in the morning, so they have all day to be read and indexed by the search engines. You want to be one of the first people to comment on a blog post because it helps with your brand recognition.  Other readers may scroll through the first few comments, but few will sift through all 102 of them. If you are at the bottom, you got the link but little else of value.

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Should allow guest post link to my website?

It’s a good question to find the answer. I think it’s the matter each webmaster would love to know the answers. Since you didn’t have enough time to write for your website. And then, someone wants to guest post it with the backlink to their website. But it’s not simply to solve since it may be hurt your website’s ranking if you don’t know well about how to run it.

Here are these explanations about this question. Please follow it below.

1,  It won’t hurt your rankings if it is related to your niche.

2, It will definitely not hurt your ranking as long as the website that is linked is relevant from your niche and content.

3, Just watch the links and where they go to. And remember, it’s YOUR site and you can dictate all the rules about guest posts. Don’t blindly accept a guest post just because they are paying you.

Should I have separate pages for each keywords or separate folders?

I found this question interesting and want to share with anyone who needs it. Just found it on facebook group: ( sorry I can’t show the group name here)

SEO Experts: If you want to dominate, do one page per service per city. Example:

/house-cleaning-los-angeles ; /maid-service-los-angeles ; etc. Make sure your metas, title, headings, images, everything on that one page matches the url and your primary keyword and you’re all set.

Questioner: this is very interesting. And just trying to understand, what is the logic of choosing /house-cleaning-los-angeles over /los-angeles-house-cleaning ? Or is there no difference?

SEO Experts: most people will say there’s no difference, but I’ve tested this and putting the primary keyword first always works better. I’m sure your customers Google “house cleaning in LA” and not “LA house cleaning”

Questioner: that’s a good point. I like your logic. Would it be redundant to have a /los-angeles page in addition to a /house-cleaning-los-angeles page? Or should I just pick one?

SEO Experts: just pick one and make sure every single page you make has original content and every page is accessible from your other pages (solid interlinking)

And another answer here:

Search each keyword phrase in Google with your location set to the target city.

Look at the URLs ranking for those terms. Are the URLs similar for each search query or different?

If they are the same, Google sees those terms as synonymous and you can create a single page to target them as they are closed related semantically.

If not, Google does not see these terms as synonymous and you’ll need to create separate pages to target each search query.

In this case, I researched these terms with Las Vegas as the location a couple of weeks ago and found similar URLs ranking for maid services like house cleaning since those are very closely related to each other.

I would imagine the same for LA, but still suggest you follow the process to be 100% as that is the only way to know for sure, regardless of the opinions and suggestions made here which don’t take your unique situation into account.

Ranking without any words – is it possible?

So I am planning on launching a pretty big project soon, but the keywords i am going after don’t have anything I can write about. I was wondering if it is possible to rank something even though there are less than 100 words in the article? If not, what’s the MINIMUM I should go after?

Most results on the keywords I am going after are forum posts, so are they easy to outrank?

Another question – Where’s the best place to buy good auction domains that are brandable, short and have a nice name? I tried GoDaddy but couldn’t find anything i like.

Any reply is highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Should I build new website for my entertainment company?

I work in a Catering & Entertainment Company and the existing website to this project is a mix – so we present on this website both categories with our Brand! And already doing SEO with it longer time (catering & entertainment)!
Its a kind of EXPERIENCE-CATERING what we do – very special ;-)!

We choose a lot of longtail Keywords for ranking & city combinations! And you can book both services also separately ;-)!
So… as the category “Catering” is much higher in search volume on Google and we have more contracts with that – I want to make a new website – which is just specified on Catering!

So…what I hardly want to know is:

– Can I put the same address in the Impressum on the new website – exactly like it is on our existing website now with: same brand, street, city… – and make SEO without problems?

I heard that is not that good if a site is a similar topic with the same address in the Impressum! Can that cause any problems?
Our website yet – should not fall into any penalty!

But if that’s no problem – I would like to know if I can link from my existing website now – to the new website later after some months? An anchor link maybe from starting page!