How To Save Your Site From DDOS Attack With Cloudflare

What happens if your site is attacked by a hacker, and they want to shut your site down because of bad neighbour or competitor. What will you do to save your website, and prevent or stop attackers from this?

I. Experienced my self with DDoS Attack

Recently, my website has experienced a DDOS attack for 5 days. I use Cloudflare to encrypt my site, but they send A mass of request to my website. It’s about 27 million requests per day from these countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Brazils, Italy, Vietnam, India and some other countries that didn’t show on Cloudflare analyze because of a free account.

Mirai ddos attack at a glance

It’s a hard time and takes me a long time to solve the problem. I google and know that it ‘s a kind of HTTP flood attack. Really, almost requests to my site from HTTP requests. And when I digger more, I found that this attack’s name is Mirai. It’s a DDoS attack public script that is developed by a Russia developer and public on a forum of hacker several years ago.

To prevent a DDoS attack, we should know what it is.

In computing, a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is a cyber-attack in which the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. Denial of service is typically accomplished by flooding the targeted machine or resource with superfluous requests in an attempt to overload systems and prevent some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled. (wikipedia)

II. How to prevent DDOS Attacks with Cloudflare

Now, we can have an overview of DDoS, about what it’s. Shortly, when you checked and see a lot of request to your website at the same time, you should prepare for an incoming attack by following these steps.

1, Turn on ” I’m under Attack” under the tab overview

under attack, cloudflare

2, Go to the Firewall tab, to set firewall rules

firewall rules creating of cloudflare

3, Under Analytics Tab, go to the traffic analytics section.

You checked and see if top countries and the request. You will know the traffic come from these countries, that could be attackers.

4, Go to the Firewall Tab, next to Firewall event,

To check the record of traffic, and where the traffic go to, if there are any suspicious actions or URLs, you can block it in access rule ( over firewall event section)

5, More action depends on Your Cloudflare’s account type.

Now if you have a premium account in Cloudflare you can enable web application rule and some rule to stop DDoS attack or source of attack’s traffic.

6, Nothing you can do except for move to VPS server

If you use Share-hosting package because the share-host provider will abandon you). Share-host means that there is a group account on that host. Then if your website is attacked, that will affect to another site on that shared hosting.

Tell me what is a browse for security?

Tor Browse | Secure your activity at home
For a security browser We can use Tor Browser. 

I know someone use it for deep web, and black market. Then if they can do it, you can use it for security. But sure that you should be careful, though.
According to Tor Hacker Group, they have explained this security browse:

Tor uses 3 hops, but each of these hops is used by multiple users AT THE SAME TIME. This is very important. Each node has SEVERAL incoming and several outgoing connections. Every f*cking minute.
So if you trace somebody’s way IN to the node, you should then check EVERY TRACE OUT, means EVERY outgoing connection. Because you don’t know which exactly connection was used by your suspect.
This means, that on step 2 you will have to check MANY Tor Nodes without a clear assurance what exactly you are looking for. And every of that Nodes ALSO HAS MANY OUTGOING CONNECTIONS. Which leads as to MANY * MANY suspicious nodes on step 3.
And after step 3 you will have MANY * MANY * MANY possible routes, and only one of them is sought-for. It is virtually impossible to trace UNLESS YOU CONTROL ALL THREE NODES IN A CHAIN.

So be calm, things are not THAT bad.


Can you ask a question on yahoo anonymously

I think your answer has two way of meaning.
  • You can ask a question without sign up or sign in. A type of anonymous method.for this method, it’s impossible. Because you need an account to sign in and put your question on Yahoo Answer.
  • You ask a question and you can hide it from anonymous?Yes, this case is ok. You can put type your question, then, edit it to anonymous, then no one know who post it. Easy, right?

Differences between Transparent, Anonymous and Elite Proxy

Three types of Proxy’s header
As you see, Remote_ADDR will send the IP address of the proxy server.

  • Read more: How to hide my mac address?

Transparent Proxy

When you want to hide your real IP in this way, it’s impossible. Because Transparent Proxy will reveal your real IP and show that you are using a proxy server. Look like your real IP is one level security.

  • Advantage: very high speed
  • Disadvantage: low privacy
  • Particular purpose: bypass firewall restrictions (to access Facebook, Bebo, myspace, hi5, Digg, youtube from school or work), fake website hit counter, download files from filehosts (Rapidshare, Megaupload and others)

Anonymous proxy

Instead of sending your real IP, Annonymous proxy only submit the proxy or leave blank. Using this type of proxy, your real IP is two-level security. More security than Transparent Proxy.

  • Advantage: average speed, average privacy
  • Possible disadvantage: proxy usage fact is presented
  • General purpose: most suitable for 99% of tasks

Elite proxy

This security proxy only sends REMOTE_ADDR header, then they will not sho you are using a proxy server and consider your IP address as a regular user without using any suspicious method.

  • Advantage: high privacy, proxy usage fact is hidden
  • Disadvantage: low speed
  • Particular purpose: just very few cases when the fact of proxy usage should be hidden

Sock & HTTP is different?

The differences between Sock server & Http Proxy | Ask A Question Network

Sock is used to

  • Establishes a TCP connection to another server on behalf of a client
  • Sock 5 add additional support for security and UDP
  • SOCK server doesnot interpret the network traffic between client and server

HTTP proxy also provide for that purpose, but.

  • HTTP proxy does understand and interpret the network traffic between the client and downstream server.

How to stop my neighbor using my wifi free?

To stop your neighbor or anyone who used your wifi network free without asking your permission. You can block them from their MAC ADDRESS or IP Address ( this way is easy to unblock because they can change their ip line to fit your wifi limit)

How to check and stop wifi stealing by your neighbor.

The second way, Change your password regularly. This way is inconvenient if you don’t know more about technology or tricks)

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