Relationship matter: can you give me advice?

Hello from Rome 🙂

I’ve been living in Rome for almost a year and a half now. I came here for love and had nothing but a 5hour part-time when I got here. I broke up with my boyfriend and ended up living on my own, it was hard and I’d say it was a little dark period in my journey but I also found so much kindness from people that barely knew me. So I decided to stay in Rome anyway. I wanted to do it for myself this time. after the initial struggle, I ended up teaching PE in schools and mini-sports after schools and yoga at a university. I fell in love with basketball once again after having quit 3 years ago and ended up playing in series C, I started taking guitar lessons once again and have had vocal trinity exams accomplished too.

I have done so much this year and am really glad I followed my intuition, but lately, something has been taking some of my positivity away. It’s 2.30 in the morning and I can’t get myself to sleep. It has been happening pretty often lately and I’m starting to realise that I might be feeling homesick or more like family-sick as they are all over the world hehe. I was hoping to get some advice from anyone who has been through it, I know it is normal, just wondered whether you found any methods or tricks that helped you feel better 🙂

Much love,

Why you love someone?

If someone ask me this question, i will feel like a fool to answer. Because we cannot tell all the reason why we love someone. Sometime, it’s like unbarring. Feeling is not a something that we can hold, carry or see. Just use your heart to feel it. 
Sometime, they can speak out loud it, sometime they don’t. So, don’t too focus on reasons why and why? It’s a relationship, love without reasons, love without saying something.

What is an “open relationship”?

As I know, Open Relations aim to a relation ship between man vs woman, gay vs gay, lesbian vs lesbian, …. anw, when they are in this kind of relationship, they don’t need to care too much about other’s lover. I mean, when you and your love in open relationship, you still have another lover and still keep this relationship with your partner and your partner doesn’t have right to react badly to it. 
love, open relationship, relationship with two people
Open Relationship, what is the differences from love?
Anw, it’s complicated, isn’t it? Different from Love, when two people fall in love, they care and have only one in their heart.