How to make a single linked list code in C#

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

class Program
static void Main()
// Create a new linked list object instance.
LinkedList<string> linked = new LinkedList<string>();
// Use AddLast method to add elements at the end.
// Use AddFirst method to add element at the start.
// Loop through the linked list with the foreach-loop.
foreach (var item in linked)

IEnumerable vs. IQueryable: the differences?

There are some differences between IEnumerable vs. IQueryable that any coders need to know.


  • IEnumerable is in the System.Collections namespace.
  • IEnumerable can browse elements only one way forward, it cannot browse back and forth between elements.
  • IEnumerable is best when querying from an in-memory collection ie in RAM like List, Array …
  • When querying data from the database, IEnumerable executes the select statement on the server and then downloads all data about the client before filtering the data.
  • IEnumerable matches Linq to Object and Linq to XML.
  • IEnumerable does not support custom queries.
  • IEnumerable does not support lazy loading so it is not suitable for pagination.


  • IQueryable is in the System.Linq namespace
  • IQueryable can only move one way forward in the collection, it cannot move back.
  • IQueryable is best for querying out-memory data as a database.
  • When querying, IQueryable executes the query and filters the data on the Server
    IQueryable is suitable for Linq to SQL.
  • IQueryable supports custom queries using the CreateQuery and Execute methods.
  • IQueryable supports lazy loading. So it is suitable for paging cases. Examples of IQueryable

Why you need to learn JQuery?

Here are some reasons why you should learn JQuery other than else.

  1. jQuery integrates easily with web technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, Python, etc.
  2. Frontend languages ​​like Angular, React & Vue are complete libraries, you can program your entire project against these frameworks, even without server-side technologies like ASP.NET, Python, PHP, etc.
  3. jQuery is much easier so you can quickly learn it in just a few hours.
  4. If you know JavaScript, you can easily learn jQuery.

What is the best way to learn to code?

Learn a few languages but pick your favorite one. Technology has changed so much in recent ye
ars, and it is so intertwined in business that it takes quite a bit to kill one off but it happens.
Knowing a few languages will make sure you won’t be out of jobs. Besides programming language are made for many different purposes. Knowing more will help you get the code cleaner and more efficiently.

If you are a beginner, then start small. Write the first few lines from your textbook and see how it work. Try to understand it. Learn from the basic and when you finished with the fundamental, go through some tutorial and work on it. The most important thing here is you have to write these program. You can’t just learn from reading it.

Read another person’s code will also help you. While reading them, try to understand how every line is working. Eventually, you will get a better picture of it. Thank to of open source project,  you can learn about every programming language and improve every day.

Is C++ is the only language I should master.

C++ is beneficial and versatile, but like all languages, it has pros and cons. It’s not even the most popular language in the world. That honor goes to Java.

C++ | Programming Languages
C++ is probably the most complex programming language in the world. It is difficult to learn and almost impossible to “master.”I dare anyone to step forward and say they’ve mastered C++. Each language has a hole to fill, and in most cases, if we used right, it will fit well.
So what you need to do is learn where each language fits into this big computer world, and then use it properly. Learning just C++ for everything will not be good if you wanted to create quick automation scripts or web crawlers. Learning the C/C++ will give you a broad perspective, and a baseline from which is easier to understand how other programming languages do the job, and what they add or lack comparing with the one you learn at first.