What is criteria for buying domain for SEO?

So I found 2 domains that I would like to build my site on because of the names. One is very old (1999) and one is younger but slightly aged (2016). Does it make any difference in ranking if I use the oldest one? I intend to make quality content and depend on content to rank but I am up against some Wikipedia. I have beaten Wikipedia in the past but my domain ranked for stuff Wikipedia didn’t compete with so It became strong enough to past it. The site I want to build is going to be head-on fighting with Wikipedia for a lot of terms so any little boost will help. I am not trying to a black hat with backlinks, I just like the names and want to know what you guys think.

What exact mean ” traffic ” in Google Analytics?

When someone told me about ” how much traffic comes to a website site” I feel nervous, because When I look into Google Analytics, they show this statics: visitors, new visitors, page view, sessions. What is the traffic here?

After researching on the Internet, I get to know that ” traffic is calculated by the sum of the session to that website”. So traffic here exactly means ” session”.

Relationship matter: can you give me advice?

Hello from Rome 🙂

I’ve been living in Rome for almost a year and a half now. I came here for love and had nothing but a 5hour part-time when I got here. I broke up with my boyfriend and ended up living on my own, it was hard and I’d say it was a little dark period in my journey but I also found so much kindness from people that barely knew me. So I decided to stay in Rome anyway. I wanted to do it for myself this time. after the initial struggle, I ended up teaching PE in schools and mini-sports after schools and yoga at a university. I fell in love with basketball once again after having quit 3 years ago and ended up playing in series C, I started taking guitar lessons once again and have had vocal trinity exams accomplished too.

I have done so much this year and am really glad I followed my intuition, but lately, something has been taking some of my positivity away. It’s 2.30 in the morning and I can’t get myself to sleep. It has been happening pretty often lately and I’m starting to realise that I might be feeling homesick or more like family-sick as they are all over the world hehe. I was hoping to get some advice from anyone who has been through it, I know it is normal, just wondered whether you found any methods or tricks that helped you feel better 🙂

Much love,

Get high ranking on Google: Both side of the Level

I can tell you how easy you can get page rank 1, 2, or 3 for your blog, at the same time you will know how hard to get page rank 4 and above.

I’m not high profile blogger and just blogging for more than one year, but my experience has been helped me to complete a survey for the journey of gaining page rank for all my blogs although I’m not very sure about how google page rank algorithm works.

Yes, nobody can exactly know how google page rank algorithm works because Google has never made known to public officials. But, we can predict how to gain page rank although it is not 100% per cent the correct way!

Why Your Blog is Still Unranked after Several Times of Google Page Rank Update

I have about 10 blogs, several blogger blogs (blogspot) and 6 domain blogs. Firstly, let me tell you why your blog is still unranked after several times of google page rank update. I have one private and secret blogger blog which has never get linked to any other blog or website because I don’t want to let people know about this blog. After several times of google page rank update, this blog still shows unranked instead of PR0. From here I can guess blog without any linking from other blog or website will never have page rank, your blog will be always showed page rank unranked.

How Easy Your Blog Can Get Page Rank 1, 2, or 3

I have several blogs with less than 10 linking from other blogs with page rank 1,2, or 3, so these blogs have gained PR1 and PR2 after page rank is updated. That’s so easy to get PR1 or PR2, so don’t waste your money to buy the domain name with PR1, 2, or 3 with the high price. Be patience to wait for google page rank update, I believe that you can get PR1 easily without putting your hard work to build the link.

What about PR3 blog, how to gain PR3 for your blog, I’m not sure how many linking that you need if your blog wants to gain PR3. Most probably more than 10 linking is better, the most important is that try to exchange your blog link with PR3 blog which relevant to your blog topic.

How Hard to Get Page Rank 4 and above.

Definitely very difficult if you have never put effort to build your link! I read many blogs every day, I have checked their page rank for every blog that I read, I wonder how they can get PR4 and above.

I found that blogs with page rank 4 and over most probably received many reviews with the link from other blogs. Of course, these blogs get reviewed for free because they write good contents. CONTENT IS KING! If people love your content, they will link your blog or blog post automatically.

Some blogs create free and premium theme for people to download and then get the credit from people who use their free and premium theme. At the bottom of the free or premium theme, most of the times you can see the blog or website link from the original theme designer.

They are many other ways to gain page rank – buy link, buy a review, comment do follow the blog, and etc. You heard it, right?

I’m just sharing about my experience of how to gain page rank for my blogs in this post. However, if you can share how to gain page rank for your blog, we are great to hear about it!

Correct me if I was wrong because I’m not genius in gaining page rank for my blog! :)

Excel Tips: How to sort event and odd numbers

find odd even numbers excel

Problem: “I have a list of street addresses and need to sort by even and odd numbers in order to know which houses are on each side of the street. Is there a way to do this in Excel?”


Ah, the wonderful world of real estate – house numbers, parcel numbers, lot numbers, plat maps – there are definitely a lot of terms to know and understand. However, when it comes to real estate, most people know that houses on any given street are numbered even on one side of the street and the odd numbers houses are located on the opposite side of the street.

Each city may have its own specifics, but as a general rule, even numbers are located on the North side of the streets and odd numbers are located on the South side of the streets. Phoenix is one of the best examples of this rule as the city is based on a North-South grid, for the most part.

Now that I’ve gotten the real estate information out of the way; let’s move on how to find even and odd numbers in Excel.

With the list open in Excel, you may decide upon using any of the following functions that handle even and odd numbers.

The “=ISEVEN” function returns a “True” or “False” in the cell.
Let’s use the following example. Column A contains street names and Column B contains street numbers. Type the subsequent formula in Column C.

We’ll assume Row 1 contains headers and therefore Row 2 begins the street numbers. Copy the formula down to all rows containing data.

Notice the results in Column C contain the word “True” for all “Even” numbers and the word “False” for all “Odd” numbers.

Use the simple “A to Z” or “Z to A” buttons to sort the numbers by “Even” or “Odd.” If specific sorting needs to be obtained then use the “Sort” button to open the “Sort” window allowing for more detailed sorting levels.


Imagine a tablet’s battery running out with no warning while in the middle of updating a client’s website, or in the middle of writing a 30-page e-book; all that work would be lost. Imagine trying to test code on a tablet PC, or trying to store more than 64 GB of data.

The ultimate debate is if the tablet computer‘s popularity will kill the desktop. No, because these tasks are almost impossible to perform on a tablet, desktop computers will remain a viable market. Nevertheless, once Tablet computer overcomes these downfalls, desktops will indeed die.

Use the “=ISODD” function exactly the same as the “=ISEVEN” function above. However, the results with the “=ISODD” function return the exact opposite results as the “=ISEVEN”  function. The results for odd numbers returns the word “True” in the field and the word “False” appears for numbers that are even.
The two functions “=EVEN” and “=ODD” are used differently than the “=ISEVEN” and “=ISODD” functions listed above.

When using these formulas, results are changed numbers.

  • The “=EVEN” function returns an even number by rounding the number in the formula.
  • The “=ODD” function returns an odd number by rounding the number in the formula.

Use these functions above to provide specific results in finding even and odd numbers in Excel.

IEnumerable vs. IQueryable: the differences?

There are some differences between IEnumerable vs. IQueryable that any coders need to know.


  • IEnumerable is in the System.Collections namespace.
  • IEnumerable can browse elements only one way forward, it cannot browse back and forth between elements.
  • IEnumerable is best when querying from an in-memory collection ie in RAM like List, Array …
  • When querying data from the database, IEnumerable executes the select statement on the server and then downloads all data about the client before filtering the data.
  • IEnumerable matches Linq to Object and Linq to XML.
  • IEnumerable does not support custom queries.
  • IEnumerable does not support lazy loading so it is not suitable for pagination.


  • IQueryable is in the System.Linq namespace
  • IQueryable can only move one way forward in the collection, it cannot move back.
  • IQueryable is best for querying out-memory data as a database.
  • When querying, IQueryable executes the query and filters the data on the Server
    IQueryable is suitable for Linq to SQL.
  • IQueryable supports custom queries using the CreateQuery and Execute methods.
  • IQueryable supports lazy loading. So it is suitable for paging cases. Examples of IQueryable