When to outsourcing software development?

Outsourcing software services have many benefits but it’s not always the case. If you find it difficult to find innovative developers in your country or the needed tech and skill is beyond your country, then you might consider outsourcing. Besides, get your employees to work in some short-term project with an outsourcing partner can help them updated the world technology too.

How to outsourcing software development success?

When you evaluate potential outsourcing partner, it might help if you conduct a small test or a small project to measure. This is the first basic step to do outsourcing success. Find a good partner, there is nothing worse than experience low performance from developers. Check their financial status and its reputation. It is crucial for you to know as much about the company you about to hire.
Communication is the next value key. Make sure you understand them clearly and they can understand you clearly. My advice is to help regular meetings and work with an individual that can understand the language and culture of the third-party to recognize any potential misunderstanding. Better yet, try to familiar with their language and culture as well. You should be able to tell what you want from the product specification and let the other team analyze that idea and see beyond what you didn’t. Only constantly collaborate with them in the process of making the final product will give you the best product possible.

What is the difficulty of outsourcing software development?

When you outsource software development project, there will always involve risk, the most common one and the important one is the confidential issue. You offer the company private information them with the expectation that there will use it appropriately but that not always a case. A leaking can bring your company to a great jeopardize. You will also find it sometimes difficult to communicate with the third-company due to the different languages and cultures. It can lead to low performance and low-quality products.

should choose outsourcing development partner with lower rate?

Basically, everyone want pay cheap for best quality, however, we should know that you receive what you pay, then lower rate for outsource blockchain development services is not a right way to boost your business. You need to do more that that.

Recently, Global outsourcing market release their outsourcing development rate by continent, We can guess that Asia is the best destination for outsourcing software development since there are so good it outsourcing companies which settle down here with good rating and review from other companies who rent their services..

The Brief of What Outsourcing Company Is?

Outsourcing company is a type of company which do other parts of a product, then deliver that products to a company who rent them to do it. 
Outsourcing company is usually aim to outsourcing software development companies, who do outsource software to another company who need to creat an mobile app and web app with cheaper price.
To outsource an app idea, the company who need to provide detail information about that idea, the functional features or other specific requirement to do an great app they expects. Then they will discuss for the price of these outsourcing it projects. delivery time or deadline, and maybe for maintenance after finish creating apps. 
For each of this outsourcing projects, based on the size of projects that outsourcing company can earn $20K – $50K . It’s big money, but it’s not easy. They have an offshore developers team to do that project from creating app, testing, and creating other functions to complete it. It’s long process projects. 

What are commonly seen mistakes when outsourcing?


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Commonly mistakes when outsourcing


When outsourcing back-end development, we cannot avoid making mistakes. So what have commonly seen mistakes when outsourcing these projects? 
  • Goals and capabilities mismatch
  • Outsourcing your weaknesses
  • Underestimating the role of communication
  • Not setting measurable objectives
  • No contingency plan

Top IT Outsourcing Companies

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Ignoring the catastrophic competition of the IT outsourcing market, these big companies are still in the top position in the top 10 it outsourcing companies in the world. According to Clutch, Outsourcing companies networks.

Here is list of top 10 outsourcing software development companies, whatever their company is located in:
1, QBurst  Technology Leveraged for Your Business
2, Exadel  Custom Software Solutions. Real Results.
3, ELEKS  For 25 years bringing your brightest ideas to life
4, Ciklum  Your Technology Partner
5, Clarion Technologies  Hire Your Dedicated Tech Team
6, PSL Corp.  Agile done right.
7, N-iX  Software Development & Consulting Services
8, IT CRAFT  Outsourced Web, Mobile & Software Development
9, Itransition  Enterprise Software. Advanced Web and Mobility
10, Intetics Inc  Where Software Consepts Come Alive
Source: https://clutch.co/it-services/outsourcing