Making Money Online with CPM Completed Guide From A to Z

What is CPM?

If you are fan of MMO or making money online, then you will know What CPM is, but for person who don’t know about CPM. Then, CPM stand for Cost Per Mille (1000 impressions) or in explaination it’s cost for 1000 impression of ads. So. If your website show the ads 1000 times with the ratio is 1 so you will earn 1$ from this.

What is CPM?

What You Need To Make Money Online with CPM

  • VPS or Share Hosting
  • Websites + Themes
  • Domain
  • Adnetwork
  • Tips

1. You need to rent a VPS or Share-Hosting 

For a VPS for mmo , you should choose good hosting service provider, like vultr, linode, digial ocean, it’s good host and cheap host for rent for mmo. Why you need a vps, but not a free blogger blog or wordpress blog? Really, some adnetwork will not accept your website / blog if you use free domain without any investment. So. You need to have your own domain with hosting to make money from CPM with some adnetworks.
Renting a VPS gets more benefits, you can use it as a vps for storage; like a private computer but with less control or performance. And use it like a proxy gate or hosting ( we should follow it here).
Vps also as a tool to run some mmo tools to boost your money with cheating guide. Really?
However rent a VPS that mean you have to rent management services or do it yourself. but not many peoples can do that. So it’s difficult for them to manage a website without cpanel or any like that.
So the solution for you is renting a share-hosting. For share-hosting, you can think of Stable host, a very quick and friendly support hosting provider but don’t rent their package at location Singapore since they shut down all servers from this location several months ago. 
They usually have 60% to 70% discount for their services, then you can wait and rent it asap when they show the discount. 
If you have no skills about coding or management a website then share-hosting is your best choice since they install cpanel in their hosting channel and you totally manage your website with this panel. 

2. Build Your Website With WordPress 

Besides other open-source to build a website, WordPress is consider as a popular for webmaster who want to own a website and don’t know more about coding to manage it. With wordpress you can change the theme easily and easy to config it the way you want. There are two ways to use wordpress theme: using nulled theme or buy a theme. Really If you want to use a nulled theme you will have to accept the risk of virus and hacked website, and lost all your datas. I think people notice of it but they keep using nulled theme because of free. Or for luck.
Buying a wordpress theme is clean, and you can download update versions from wordpress theme market like themeforest / elegantthemes/ monster themes. It’s up-to-date, no virus, no worms or backdoor code into your site or dangerous of hacking activity on your site. But it depend how you build your website and how to use it.

3. Buying a domain

Buying a domain for building a website is essential , you need to have if you want to have your own websites. You can buy cheap domain / coupon domain from namecheap / goddady / namesillor. Depend on your needs, they are good domain name registrar.
Moreover, you should build a good seo website to draw more traffic to make more cash. Or you can boost some rate to clean . 

4. Adnetworks

(to be continued)