Have you ever thought about running away from your life

I guess that you have ever thought about running away from your life not only one time, it’s common in our mind when we have to face with some thing which is full of challenges. Or even when we love or to be love by someone, but that love make us hard to continue. Run away from our life , some time, is not pessimistic way to think, and It’s the only solution to resolve everything. We just need to rest my mind, rest my life for a little bit. 

What does your birthday say about?

In Astrology, your birthday has the meaning, it may be belong your personality or your love life, or whatever. 
WOWZONE has a table of meaning of this , you can read here
It’s easy to search for your birthday, for example, my birthday is August 25th, then My tree is Fine Tree. Scroll down to Fine tree and we will see the list of features of this tree:

PINE TREE (the Particular) – loves agreeable company, very robust, knows how to make life comfortable, very active, natural, good companion, but seldom friendly, falls easily in love but its passion burns out quickly, gives up easily, everything disappointments until it finds its ideal, trustworthy, practical.

Wow, I trust that you will surprise of these words, My weakness, is right as a half of these. And my friend, she confirmed that it’s nearly 100% as she is.

 But it’s just for funny, Don’t believe it totally, you control your self, control your life. then dont give that power to others.

Have You Ever Thought About Killing Someone?

Really, My answer is yes. I have ever thought about it many times. When I’m angry with someone, when someone hurt me but don’t know it. 
I want to kill someone when they have nothing to do except for joking me again and again.
I want to kill someone when they try to blame for me something I didn’t do.
I want to kill someone when I think it’s the best option for almost answer I’m trying to find out.
Wow, there are many reasons for killing someone, So I believe that we try to stop it many times. It’s hard action. But We get over it. Cheer for that.

Have you ever thought about how your feeling is when you die?

Really, There is a question on Quora that lead to so many answer for how do you feel when you die? Imagine it? It happens when we die, not really, when we die and then we live back. Let see how they experienced this feeling :

Quora answer from Dylan MacIntyre

As you can see from the feeling when Dylan MacIntyre dead, I think we can learn more from that feeling what we cannot make it happens and we want.

Nobody want to die to feel their dead feelings. So don’t wonder it if you have not chance to do it.Yeah, I think i know that feeling when I nearly die when I was a little girl. But I’m too young to remember what feeling it is.

How is life if your disconnect with other people?

I think that I can do something for my friend, but it turn out that, my friend just want to dispatch her from this world, she don’t want to connect to anyone. Just alone like that. I have thought about it really deeply, but don’t know why people can live if they disconnect with other people. It’s impossible. Or just I made wrong idea?

How smartphone destroy your life?

More than 75 per cent of teens own an iPhone, according to a recent US study, and since the 2007 launch of the iPhone rates of loneliness amongst teens have soared alongside a worrying decrease in mental wellbeing.

reported by the Independent 
Smartphone affect, destroy life using smartphone
How Smartphone Will Destroy Your Life

Not stop there, smartphone give you a chance to bully others by like & sharing post, special on Facebook..In detail, when someone make a bad behavior, people share picture of them on Facebook.. other feel angry, and start unstoppable discussion. They treat badly like a way to help them relax.

More dangerous than it, with your smartphone, you can take a photo, video of a event that people are hurt and you record it and up to youtube with your funny face. How people are rude, today.

What is your biggest regret in life?

What is your biggest regret in your life?

If someone asks you about the biggest regret you took in your life, then what it is? If I were you, I would answer this question like that:

I missed good chances when I was young. Because I’m so shy to do anything that I like or want to do. Wow it is bad, right?

Can you share with me your biggest regret in your life?