Is Backlink still keep valuable for SEO ?

Many webmasters said that Backlink is no value in this time, for improving ranking website. But I disagree with this opinion. Because I do some test and I know that Backlink still have value from now or then.
However, it’s not total answer for this.Today, SEO Discussion will make it clear to you. Some people spend their all time on building and making backlinks as much as possible. It’s not good at all. Use backlink in smart way to help you boost ranking and drawing traffics..
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Backlink Still Live For Higher SEO Ranking
The questions here is how many backlinks are enough?
I don’t think it’s easy question for find an answer.. 
To know how many you need to improve your ranking, it depend on your competitor. Using ahref to uncover it from your competitor backlink profile. 
I will not go for detail, here.. you can do it yourself using ahref site explorer.. 
Back to the questions: how many backlinks are enough,  I think the answer is not put on how many backlink, but for how many domain referring come from your backlink? I think it’s different in some ways. 
talk about higher backlink quality for higher ranking is too old.. I want to point to another factors here: Different domains referral.
Sometime I wonder why some websites have higher ranking though they use tool like GSA for building backlinks? Really, for quality, I don’t think these domain ref have similar content subject or categories. It has so many external links.. it break the rule that a domain is linking to your website need to have under 10 external links. 
Then, the next question is, how we can use GSA to building for better ranking?
To answer for this question, let me show you this topic for tier link building system. And another point is that: Remember to make different domain linking back to your website as much as possible. 
Different domain with lower quality is one time use, and similar site content with higher quality like a forum which has the same categories with your site, I think you should care on it the most.

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  1. I make sure that 100% Backlinkg still keep high value in seo ranking. However, you should use in in clever way or you will destroy your website ranking signal.

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