How to start email marketing?

1. Choose an Email Marketing Provider
With providers, you will be able to reach inboxes through permission-based email marketing. My advice for this step is to do the research, try different providers and choose the one suit you the most.
2. Gathering email addresses
Focus only on the ones that relevant to your niches or you will risk wasting your money. When you have a list, make sure to keep it organized. For example, segment your contact by location, industry, lead source.
3. Choose a platform
Your provider can give you dozens attractive and fully customizable email templates. but the simple the better. Keep your email design simple. Use more text than images and should include a call to action.
4. Have a topics schedule
5. Track your results
Before you send out your campaigns, set up a proper tracking. You can benefit from looking at some of the metrics such as Deliverability, Open rate, Click through rate, Conversion rate.

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