admob help app developer make money from their apps

How To Make Money Your Apps With Admod?

As you know, Google AdSense is famous for their making money. You can found someone who makes money through Youtube, Hosted Content, Now, we can earn more. with Google Admod, like Adsense but to make money, you need to earn through your apps.

admob help app developer make money from their apps
Make money on an app with AdMob
To do that, before you should know, the policy for your app is the same that for youtube. They are: say no to copyright content, material, say no to pornography or related or your account or they will take your money and push you out of the program.

To make your app, following these steps:
1, Register a Gmail, register Admob + Adsense, (tip: you can use Youtube Adsense to register one.
2, Get your app id, then insert it into your app
2, Register an account on Appstore / Google CH Play
3, Upload you apps, wait for it to review by Apple or Google and wait for done
4, Publish your apps and get the user to download/view it

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