How to get more audience on Youtube?

  • Upload more frequently: The human need for entertainment and information is keep raising, you have to be able to keep up with their demand. My suggestion is to have an actual schedule so your audience can have something to expect.
  • “Call to Action” annotations: If you watch Youtube regular, you can see popups at the end of the video. Many youtube channels have reported an increase in subscriber, but sometimes these annotations can be a bit annoy. It’s up to you to make it more suitable for your viewers.
  • Limit the videos to under 5 minutes: In January 2014, Comscore reported that the average length of most YouTube videos was around 4.4 minutes. For those who want to start, you should keep it as short as possible. When your channel has more followers, you can start challenging yourself with longer video.
  • Edit your video: I can’t say enough about this.  Upload the haphazard video only bruin your brain. Invest more time and effort in shooting and editing, make sure only the best product get to upload.

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