Higher Ranking without Backlink Really Existed?

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SEO without Backlink, Really Exist?
There are three ways to make your website get higher ranking, used by many webmasters. In details, they are:
  • Content is King, this method focus on writing high quality content, optimize for user experience. 
  • Backlink is King, this SEO method focus on backlink building, how many backlinks are, how faster their website is ranked for.. 
  • Traffic is money, If you have content, have backlink but don’t have traffic, then your website is fail. 

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So what is your way?. Some use the first method, they invest money and human resource on writing high quality content. Yep, this way is working, but it’s a part of SEO art. With low-competitive keywords, when you write content It will help ranking some low volume-competitive keywords, but it doesn’t mean that it’s enough for your website to get higher ranking result on google search. 
Other use the second way, they spam for backlinks on forums, blog 2.0, social,, any source for them to build backlink to their website. Sometime, they write a post, then build thousand of backlinks on it. This way has result, yes. But it live for short-time, not for long-term good seo plan. People who do outsource SEO did this way for deadline with their customer’s plans.  Read more: Get High Quality Backlinks From This Forum List
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Natural Link Building – Build Link without your effort
The remain way, I mean, Traffic, the huge traffic you draw to your website, the huge benefits you get for your website ranking.. In my opinion, I trust on this way. You need high quality traffic with high rate on time on site, time on page or post and care for pageview, view per page, internal link interaction.

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There is a signal for this type of ranking method. If your post get high volume of traffic, then you don’t need to SEO or spam link for it for SEO this website? It’s not total right, but when your post or website get more traffic, then other webmaster will link to your site without your effort or time on it. This way make people mistake that they don;t neeed to backlink for SEO. but they need backlink but in a natural way that Google love it.

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  1. Some people cheat others by using robot txt to hide other bot from crawling backlink. Then they trust that they can rank website without link building.

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