How to make a single linked list code in C#

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

class Program
static void Main()
// Create a new linked list object instance.
LinkedList<string> linked = new LinkedList<string>();
// Use AddLast method to add elements at the end.
// Use AddFirst method to add element at the start.
// Loop through the linked list with the foreach-loop.
foreach (var item in linked)

Excel Tips: How to sort event and odd numbers

find odd even numbers excel

Problem: “I have a list of street addresses and need to sort by even and odd numbers in order to know which houses are on each side of the street. Is there a way to do this in Excel?”


Ah, the wonderful world of real estate – house numbers, parcel numbers, lot numbers, plat maps – there are definitely a lot of terms to know and understand. However, when it comes to real estate, most people know that houses on any given street are numbered even on one side of the street and the odd numbers houses are located on the opposite side of the street.

Each city may have its own specifics, but as a general rule, even numbers are located on the North side of the streets and odd numbers are located on the South side of the streets. Phoenix is one of the best examples of this rule as the city is based on a North-South grid, for the most part.

Now that I’ve gotten the real estate information out of the way; let’s move on how to find even and odd numbers in Excel.

With the list open in Excel, you may decide upon using any of the following functions that handle even and odd numbers.

The “=ISEVEN” function returns a “True” or “False” in the cell.
Let’s use the following example. Column A contains street names and Column B contains street numbers. Type the subsequent formula in Column C.

We’ll assume Row 1 contains headers and therefore Row 2 begins the street numbers. Copy the formula down to all rows containing data.

Notice the results in Column C contain the word “True” for all “Even” numbers and the word “False” for all “Odd” numbers.

Use the simple “A to Z” or “Z to A” buttons to sort the numbers by “Even” or “Odd.” If specific sorting needs to be obtained then use the “Sort” button to open the “Sort” window allowing for more detailed sorting levels.


Imagine a tablet’s battery running out with no warning while in the middle of updating a client’s website, or in the middle of writing a 30-page e-book; all that work would be lost. Imagine trying to test code on a tablet PC, or trying to store more than 64 GB of data.

The ultimate debate is if the tablet computer‘s popularity will kill the desktop. No, because these tasks are almost impossible to perform on a tablet, desktop computers will remain a viable market. Nevertheless, once Tablet computer overcomes these downfalls, desktops will indeed die.

Use the “=ISODD” function exactly the same as the “=ISEVEN” function above. However, the results with the “=ISODD” function return the exact opposite results as the “=ISEVEN”  function. The results for odd numbers returns the word “True” in the field and the word “False” appears for numbers that are even.
The two functions “=EVEN” and “=ODD” are used differently than the “=ISEVEN” and “=ISODD” functions listed above.

When using these formulas, results are changed numbers.

  • The “=EVEN” function returns an even number by rounding the number in the formula.
  • The “=ODD” function returns an odd number by rounding the number in the formula.

Use these functions above to provide specific results in finding even and odd numbers in Excel.

How to get rid of Openload video Ads?

How to get rid of openload video ads, since it contains so much of openload ads, pop-under or redirects ads for mobile users. It’s so annoying to watch a movie. But Openload video is free, not premium account to get watch online or download the video so it’s still the best channel for movie streaming sites.

Tired of Annoying ads while watch movie, one user has developed a plugin called ” Video Openload Only” to stop ads showing up on video while playing.

It’s easy to stop openload video ads now. Just install that chrome extension, and enjoy your movie smoothly.

How To Save Your Site From DDOS Attack With Cloudflare

What happens if your site is attacked by a hacker, and they want to shut your site down because of bad neighbour or competitor. What will you do to save your website, and prevent or stop attackers from this?

I. Experienced my self with DDoS Attack

Recently, my website has experienced a DDOS attack for 5 days. I use Cloudflare to encrypt my site, but they send A mass of request to my website. It’s about 27 million requests per day from these countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Brazils, Italy, Vietnam, India and some other countries that didn’t show on Cloudflare analyze because of a free account.

Mirai ddos attack at a glance

It’s a hard time and takes me a long time to solve the problem. I google and know that it ‘s a kind of HTTP flood attack. Really, almost requests to my site from HTTP requests. And when I digger more, I found that this attack’s name is Mirai. It’s a DDoS attack public script that is developed by a Russia developer and public on a forum of hacker several years ago.

To prevent a DDoS attack, we should know what it is.

In computing, a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is a cyber-attack in which the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. Denial of service is typically accomplished by flooding the targeted machine or resource with superfluous requests in an attempt to overload systems and prevent some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled. (wikipedia)

II. How to prevent DDOS Attacks with Cloudflare

Now, we can have an overview of DDoS, about what it’s. Shortly, when you checked and see a lot of request to your website at the same time, you should prepare for an incoming attack by following these steps.

1, Turn on ” I’m under Attack” under the tab overview

under attack, cloudflare

2, Go to the Firewall tab, to set firewall rules

firewall rules creating of cloudflare

3, Under Analytics Tab, go to the traffic analytics section.

You checked and see if top countries and the request. You will know the traffic come from these countries, that could be attackers.

4, Go to the Firewall Tab, next to Firewall event,

To check the record of traffic, and where the traffic go to, if there are any suspicious actions or URLs, you can block it in access rule ( over firewall event section)

5, More action depends on Your Cloudflare’s account type.

Now if you have a premium account in Cloudflare you can enable web application rule and some rule to stop DDoS attack or source of attack’s traffic.

6, Nothing you can do except for move to VPS server

If you use Share-hosting package because the share-host provider will abandon you). Share-host means that there is a group account on that host. Then if your website is attacked, that will affect to another site on that shared hosting.

How to install Android apps on Windows PC using BlueStacks

Android is known as the most popular mobile operating system in the world since this platform is not closed like Apple iOS, which allows developers to build thousands of apps every day.

As a result, there are plenty of different interesting apps on Google Play Store varying in categories such as healthcare, education, lifestyle, custom CRM apps and more other apps for wearable technology. We get used to using those apps on different mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs, and watches. Those want to experience them on their PC, which has a larger screen and allows them to use a mouse instead of your fingertip gestures.

An Android emulator, BlueStacks, was developed to enhance your experience on PC. After the installation, you can directly download apps from Google Play Store in BlueStacks or download and install an app’s APK file if the app is not available on the Play Store.

androids apps on pc, androids apps on window pc

This app is available on both Windows and MacOS. In this post, I’ll show you how to install Android Apps on Windows using BlueStacks (the latest version BlueStacks 4).

Installing BlueStacks on Windows

Download BlueStacks

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the home page.
  3. Click to download the setup file. This may take 2-3 minutes to finish.

Install BlueStacks

The process on Windows is straightforward, and it just requires a few clicks.

  • Open the setup file to start installing BlueStacks on your Windows by double-clicking the setup file. An extraction process will start.

  • After the extraction finished, the installer will launch. Click ‘Install Now’ to start the installation process.

  • Wait in a few minutes for the automatic installation.

  • The installation is finished. Next, it takes 2-3 minutes to start the Engine.
  • A dialog appears asking you to choose the language. Click “Let’s go”.

  • Like other Android devices, Google will ask you to sign in your Google account to get access to Google Play

  • After you successfully sign in, now you can start installing Android apps on your PC. Click “Start using BlueStacks”.

Installing Android apps on Windows using BlueStacks

Using Google Play Store

  • Click “My Apps” tab and choose “Google Play”.
  • Type the app’s name into the search bar and press “Enter”.

  • A number of apps will appear on the screen. Choose an app you want to install, then click the app’s icon to open its page. Click “Install”.

  • Wait in a few minutes for the installation to finish. After this, you can open your app.

Using an APK file

  • Download an APK file onto your computer. If you want to install an app from a third party which is not available on Google Play Store, you can also download its APK from the Internet and install it in BlueStacks. To download an APK, type the app’s name followed by “apk” (for example, “candy crush saga apk”), and download it from a safe website.
Apkpure, android app free, download android apps
Apkpure | Download Any Android Apps Free
  • Double-click the executable file and wait in a few minutes. When the installation is finished, a dialog appears in the right corner of your desktop to notice you.
Android app download, android app install into pc
Open your android apps after downloading it.
  • Open your android app.

Have you finished installed an Android app on Windows using BlueStacks 4? Hope this post is useful to you and help you get wonderful experience on your PC!

Making Money Online with CPM Completed Guide From A to Z

What is CPM?

If you are fan of MMO or making money online, then you will know What CPM is, but for person who don’t know about CPM. Then, CPM stand for Cost Per Mille (1000 impressions) or in explaination it’s cost for 1000 impression of ads. So. If your website show the ads 1000 times with the ratio is 1 so you will earn 1$ from this.

What is CPM?

What You Need To Make Money Online with CPM

  • VPS or Share Hosting
  • Websites + Themes
  • Domain
  • Adnetwork
  • Tips

1. You need to rent a VPS or Share-Hosting 

For a VPS for mmo , you should choose good hosting service provider, like vultr, linode, digial ocean, it’s good host and cheap host for rent for mmo. Why you need a vps, but not a free blogger blog or wordpress blog? Really, some adnetwork will not accept your website / blog if you use free domain without any investment. So. You need to have your own domain with hosting to make money from CPM with some adnetworks.
Renting a VPS gets more benefits, you can use it as a vps for storage; like a private computer but with less control or performance. And use it like a proxy gate or hosting ( we should follow it here).
Vps also as a tool to run some mmo tools to boost your money with cheating guide. Really?
However rent a VPS that mean you have to rent management services or do it yourself. but not many peoples can do that. So it’s difficult for them to manage a website without cpanel or any like that.
So the solution for you is renting a share-hosting. For share-hosting, you can think of Stable host, a very quick and friendly support hosting provider but don’t rent their package at location Singapore since they shut down all servers from this location several months ago. 
They usually have 60% to 70% discount for their services, then you can wait and rent it asap when they show the discount. 
If you have no skills about coding or management a website then share-hosting is your best choice since they install cpanel in their hosting channel and you totally manage your website with this panel. 

2. Build Your Website With WordPress 

Besides other open-source to build a website, WordPress is consider as a popular for webmaster who want to own a website and don’t know more about coding to manage it. With wordpress you can change the theme easily and easy to config it the way you want. There are two ways to use wordpress theme: using nulled theme or buy a theme. Really If you want to use a nulled theme you will have to accept the risk of virus and hacked website, and lost all your datas. I think people notice of it but they keep using nulled theme because of free. Or for luck.
Buying a wordpress theme is clean, and you can download update versions from wordpress theme market like themeforest / elegantthemes/ monster themes. It’s up-to-date, no virus, no worms or backdoor code into your site or dangerous of hacking activity on your site. But it depend how you build your website and how to use it.

3. Buying a domain

Buying a domain for building a website is essential , you need to have if you want to have your own websites. You can buy cheap domain / coupon domain from namecheap / goddady / namesillor. Depend on your needs, they are good domain name registrar.
Moreover, you should build a good seo website to draw more traffic to make more cash. Or you can boost some rate to clean . 

4. Adnetworks

(to be continued)

How To Make Money Your Apps With Admod?

As you know, Google AdSense is famous for their making money. You can found someone who makes money through Youtube, Hosted Content, Now, we can earn more. with Google Admod, like Adsense but to make money, you need to earn through your apps.

admob help app developer make money from their apps
Make money on an app with AdMob
To do that, before you should know, the policy for your app is the same that for youtube. They are: say no to copyright content, material, say no to pornography or related or your account or they will take your money and push you out of the program.

To make your app, following these steps:
1, Register a Gmail, register Admob + Adsense, (tip: you can use Youtube Adsense to register one.
2, Get your app id, then insert it into your app
2, Register an account on Appstore / Google CH Play
3, Upload you apps, wait for it to review by Apple or Google and wait for done
4, Publish your apps and get the user to download/view it

Download Free Unlimited E-books from Amazon | Guide Anything

Today, Ask-a-question will guide you how to download an unlimited e-book with kindle unlimited. Unlimited e-books for downloading, sound interesting, right? To access to Amazon Kindle e-books, you just need to register kindle unlimited. However, Kindle Unlimited is the free first-month trial plan. We can take advantage of this feature to download free unlimited e-books from Amazon with a high standard format.
Now, we should start this guide step by step.
Step 1: You should have a credit card or visa prepaid or virtual visa debit for registering an account on Amazon. 

Step 2: After having an account on Amazon, change your country to United State ( These kind of services on Amazon are only available for United State users). Yon change during creating an account, or after. It’s ok. Don’t worry if you don’t live in United State, Amazon will not check it since your account is individual and free.

Step 3: Now, you will sign in on Amazon with your account, browse to kindle unlimited library, select a book, and press to ” read for free”.

Step 4: Back to your kindle unlimited library, tick all these e-books ( Kindle Unlimited allow you to borrow maximum 10 e-books each time, and you have to return these e-books before next time, and no limit for number of times) choose option( on the right box)  for “Download & Transfer via USB”
Step 5: After downloading these e-books to your computer. You need to install Calibre an e-book management app to read and convert these file ( amazon kindle format: azw3) to readable format to send to your Kindle. ( pdf, mobi). Download this app here
Step 6: You need to back to your Amazon account, then forward to “Manage Your Content and Devices” section. And Fill your email to set up for approved email for sending the document to your kindle account.
Step 7: Keep your kindle email and your approved email, then open Calibre and fill in the proper process. ( Sorry I’m lazy to guide it) you can see mail option to fill when installing or opening this app. Next, add e-books you downloaded it the previous steps. Then select ” Add books from a single directory or folder” then Ctrl-A for choosing all and next to press Convert books to your device’s readable format.  There are so many formats for you to choose here, but you need to choose the format that your Kindle can accept such as Mobi, pdf, text, ..) Wait for some minutes to finish this process.
Step 8: Download this app: Send to Kindle for PC from Amazon HERE, set up and fill your Amazon account to done this setup process. Right click on your converted e-books, select ” Send to kindle”. An a window popup, fill the e-book’s detail like title, author and press SEND to your kindle account.
Step 9: Now, move back your Amazon account, move to Manage Your Content and Devices, On the SHOW box, click and click Docs ( where to save your document, sent from your computer). Now do this process by tick all the e-books, then deliver it to your kindle. When you open your tablet, kindle fire, kindle, it’s will automatically download ( with wifi) to your device.  Don’t worry to return the e-book after you downloaded it to your computer. Then borrows for another e-book for free.

How to convert Amazon kindle ebooks to other format?

There are some tips to download your amazon kindle book to your computer, but it’s under azw3 format, it’s kindle format. Then if you do that, you need to kindle viewer to read. But it requires you to create a free account. So, if you don’t want to waste your time to any stuff like that. Just convert it to PDF or other eBooks formats.

for convert to other formats, you can use this site: