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Today, Ask-a-question will guide you how to download an unlimited e-book with kindle unlimited. Unlimited e-books for downloading, sound interesting, right? To access to Amazon Kindle e-books, you just need to register kindle unlimited. However, Kindle Unlimited is the free first-month trial plan. We can take advantage of this feature to download free unlimited e-books from Amazon with a high standard format.
Now, we should start this guide step by step.
Step 1: You should have a credit card or visa prepaid or virtual visa debit for registering an account on Amazon. 

Step 2: After having an account on Amazon, change your country to United State ( These kind of services on Amazon are only available for United State users). Yon change during creating an account, or after. It’s ok. Don’t worry if you don’t live in United State, Amazon will not check it since your account is individual and free.

Step 3: Now, you will sign in on Amazon with your account, browse to kindle unlimited library, select a book, and press to ” read for free”.

Step 4: Back to your kindle unlimited library, tick all these e-books ( Kindle Unlimited allow you to borrow maximum 10 e-books each time, and you have to return these e-books before next time, and no limit for number of times) choose option( on the right box)  for “Download & Transfer via USB”
Step 5: After downloading these e-books to your computer. You need to install Calibre an e-book management app to read and convert these file ( amazon kindle format: azw3) to readable format to send to your Kindle. ( pdf, mobi). Download this app here
Step 6: You need to back to your Amazon account, then forward to “Manage Your Content and Devices” section. And Fill your email to set up for approved email for sending the document to your kindle account.
Step 7: Keep your kindle email and your approved email, then open Calibre and fill in the proper process. ( Sorry I’m lazy to guide it) you can see mail option to fill when installing or opening this app. Next, add e-books you downloaded it the previous steps. Then select ” Add books from a single directory or folder” then Ctrl-A for choosing all and next to press Convert books to your device’s readable format.  There are so many formats for you to choose here, but you need to choose the format that your Kindle can accept such as Mobi, pdf, text, ..) Wait for some minutes to finish this process.
Step 8: Download this app: Send to Kindle for PC from Amazon HERE, set up and fill your Amazon account to done this setup process. Right click on your converted e-books, select ” Send to kindle”. An a window popup, fill the e-book’s detail like title, author and press SEND to your kindle account.
Step 9: Now, move back your Amazon account, move to Manage Your Content and Devices, On the SHOW box, click and click Docs ( where to save your document, sent from your computer). Now do this process by tick all the e-books, then deliver it to your kindle. When you open your tablet, kindle fire, kindle, it’s will automatically download ( with wifi) to your device.  Don’t worry to return the e-book after you downloaded it to your computer. Then borrows for another e-book for free.

How to convert Amazon kindle ebooks to other format?

There are some tips to download your amazon kindle book to your computer, but it’s under azw3 format, it’s kindle format. Then if you do that, you need to kindle viewer to read. But it requires you to create a free account. So, if you don’t want to waste your time to any stuff like that. Just convert it to PDF or other eBooks formats.

for convert to other formats, you can use this site:

Guide For downloading free Ebook From AMAZON

Want to get eBook from Amazon free, and don’t know how to download it? Just found a guide on BHW for downloading ebook from Amazon for Free , and found it’s very helpful in this case.

Step 1: Enter This page:

Guide to download ebook free from Amazon: Step 1

Let me explain a little bit about how it process. 
This above page is a library, it allows you to browse for a book you want to get from Amazon. All you need to do, is enter your wanted book’s name. Then, choose search by Title, then the page will process.

Step 2: Choose mirror to download after found your ebook

Note: You can found ALMOST ebook on Amazon to download for Free, however, some time you can’t find that ebooks. 

Top 4 Free Sites For Downloading Ebooks

Do you like reading eBook online or offline? Have you owned a Fire HD 8 or kindle Amazon? If yes, then these list of top downloading eBooks is your best choice.

Top 4 Free Sites For Downloading Ebooks 
  1. GuternbergFree 50k ebook, no need to signup or sign in, just download as much ebooks as you want. There are many popular formats, such as: mobi, prc, epub, pdf, text, .. for your kindle to read
  2. LoyalBooks : With more 7000 free ebooks plus with audio for you to listen, for your mobile phone. 
  3. free-ebooks.netThis ebook site for these topics: e-commere, entertainment, fiction, education, romance, non fiction, and more.
  4. It-ebooksOne of the top site for downloading ebooks for free, special in IT. You can found almoste popular ebooks for about programming and information technology on the world.

Should I buy a Kindle or a tablet for reading ebook?

There is still debate around the use of tablet or Kindle to read e-books.
To clarify this, you should first understand the main functions of these two lines.
Reading Ebook reader, tablet HD 8 Fire
Should buy Kindle e Reader or Tablet for Reading eBook
Tablet: A tablet, less functional than a laptop or desktop computer. Small screen, portable, and some basic entertainment applications (not just reading books) 
Reader: A specialized machine for reading e-books. Reader does not have applications other than the flip book reader.
In addition, Reader has a better screen for safe the user’s eye. With the e-ink screen technology, it limits the effect on the user’s eyes when using the camera for too long without worrying about eye strain.
Now you understand, you need Reader to read books, let the machine do its job.