Have you ever thought of your weird sleeping?

Yes sure, I have ever thought about how weird my sleeping is. I mean when I sleep, my soul go around some where, like my soul leave my body then go to any place that i cannot go when i wake up.
Sometime, I wonder why people need to sleep? While they have to close their eye to sleep, many and many questions I need to know the answer but I don’t have ability to answer all of its. No one can.

Is dream like a lost memory in your mind or just sexual expectations

How do you think about it now? If you have ever had dream in almost your life, then you will think it in different ways. having a dream is not as simple as the way to express it. You can remember it after you wake up, but it’s nothing to do. The important thing is that your dream can aim to something in the past, present or your future. Or just something you have read for long time ago. 
Sigmund Freud think that Dream is an explanation what related to your sexual expectation. But Recently, I have read a book of Carl Jung, and he think the different way from Sigmund Freud although Freud inspired for Jung in this type of research.
If you want to know the real answer, read their books and find your own answer. 

How fun lucid dream brings to?

In dream, everything is possible. You can fly and act like a superheroes like superman, or Clark Ken in Smallville. Even you can use magic like Harrypotter and live in that world. Meet your idol.
Imagine it, if you watched Clark Ken from Smallville, and you wished that you have that super natural ability. All in your dream, you can control it, turn it live into your memory. 
Think about it all day, bring it into your dream, control and enjoy it? What other thing you want to do?

How to enter lucid dreaming and keep dreaming it?

Do you remember your dream after waking up? Do you know is it a dream or reality when you are dreaming? Do you control your mind when you dreamed?
If your answer is yes for the first two questions, then you closed to lucid dreaming tips We will guide you today. If not, you can read furthermore about lucid dreaming here: https://ask-a-question-for-answer.blogspot.com/2017/11/what-is-lucid-dream-should-practice-it.html
Reality Check in Lucid Dreaming

How to practice for lucid dreaming.

To practice for lucid dreaming, We think you should learn how to similar to your dream first by two steps below:

Step 1: Learn how to remember your dream:

You should bring with you a pen and a paper, when you wake up, write down on paper 5 points you remember about your dream.

Step 2: Reality Check in Lucid Dreaming

Sometime, when you don’t know if you see in your dream or in your real life, you should take a Reality Check ( RC). If you can fly when you are dreaming, and if you see your watch and it’s working, time is passed, then you are in real life.

Can I continue my dream after waking up?

Really, if you wake up then entering your sleep immediately about 5 seconds, then you can continue your dream. Like a connection between you in your previous dream with the next dream. I do it, and I know It’s possible for me to keep going my previous dream.


What is Lucid Dream? Should practice it?

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, an environment.  (Wikipedia)
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Lucid Dreams 
To know if you should practice Lucid Dream ( Control your dream) or no, you should know these benefits and risk of it

Benefits of Lucid Dream

  • You can control your dream, do what you want, it’s so funny.
  • When you dream, you can think more about yourself deeply
  • You can draw your dream world, it must be a creative world you have never discover. There are no one can stop you to build that world. 
  • You can improve yourself in your dream, what you cannot or dare not to do in the real life. 
However, there are always risks behind this type of dream, Good if you can control your dream and know what is reality or no. But how if you are hang between reality and dreams?

Risky of Lucid Dream You Should Care

  • Cannot escape your dream unless you die in that
  • When your mental is weak, Lucid dream will joke you
  • Sleep paralysis again and again can threaten to your mind 
  • Just like any dream, lucid dreams can end up becoming nightmares (mindvalleyacademy.com)