Should do Facebook Campaign Reward Bounty for Crypto?

When you follow a facebook campaign reward bounty program for earning cryptocurrency on bitcointalk or their homepage. You are required to have more than 5000 friends to join. But it turn out to be not easy that you are risk of your friendship. You have to post and like and share. Since facebook banned facebook that share about crypto. then you risk your facebook account for that. It’s not worth at all. 
For campaign holder, it’s not good since some of 5000 friends that are not active at all. Maybe they just a fake facebook for this type of event to earn crypto coins. 
Any comment?

Can we trust in cryptocurrencies?

We can trust in cryptocurrencies because of these following reasons:

  • Not like government and their money printing, we can trust in Math.  For cryptocurrency there is certain parameters on how many coins will be generated in a certain time frame.
  • Mainly because of the fact that they work. However all the crypto currencies in fact do not function as a currency, and the main reason why we trust in them is because it is profitable and we are greedy.
  • We trust crypto currency, because it is not yet fully controlled by any state. This is what is beyond the framework of the system. 
  • Each cryptocurrency is primarily a technology that works inherently against the world’s banking systems.
  • Cryptocurrencies are more stable now than the US dollar, making it more secure to invest with, crypto uses mining and bitcoin as its currency
So, if you don’t agree with this, write down your opinion. Thanks.

How to get free money on cryptocurrency program?

There is a program call bounty program, it will give you some tasks to finish then reward some bucks for you in that coin, then you can exchange it into real money.
And Airdrop , an example, signup for free money, ref for free money. All you need is hunting it, have account on bitcointalk and crytocurrencytalk forum to find it when these free token program is released.