A book about Afghanistan, The Kite Runner

I have just read a book recently, it’s named ” The Kite Runner ” of Khaled Hosseini, an  Afghan-American author. If you never heard to this book, then I suggest you buy it and read it. You will know more about Afghanistan than any newspaper or tv show. It’s real life of Afghanistan 30 years ago.
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The story is based on the true story of Afghanistan, life, region and their people. If you want to understand this country’s people, just read it. You will know many things.

Suggest a book for economy field?

Economy Behavior Books, Dan Ariely,
Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

Illogicality by Dan Ariely. is a good book, talk about behavioral economics. It studies and explains the factors that influence the decision of the consumer.

The first decision usually influences systematically the later decisions.
Why should one be careful when buying for free?

If you are a reader of economics, this book is quite good.

1984 vs Animal Farm, which book is better?

In comparison, both 1984 vs Animal Farm, written by George Orwell , Animal farm as a play than a book. And it’s easy to understand the meaning of this play.

1984, in the other hand, show the deeper truth of dictatorship government, therefore, this book is banned in some countries such as vietnam, cuba,,,,
Anw, you can read both and share your opinion, then.