Is GSA Best Backlink BuildingTools?

I haven’t built links in half a year with GSA and I’m wondering if this tool is still actual in 2017?

I’m planning to do tier link building for an authority website, which looks something like this:

  • Tier 1 – Guest Posting & Blog Posting
  • Tier 2 – Web 2.0’s
  • Tier 3 – GSA

My question is whether GSA can still be considered the best in the following aspects or there are better tools for some of these points:

  • safety
  • results
  • price

Best software outsourcing company in Vietnam?

My customer have idea for turn it into real mobile apps ( Iphone , Android Apps ) But she don’t know anyone who are trust to be rely on. Check for several software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, I see some lists on internet, But I should trust on it? or anyone has other choices? Please help me… I need an app to boost my business…