IEnumerable vs. IQueryable: the differences?

There are some differences between IEnumerable vs. IQueryable that any coders need to know.


  • IEnumerable is in the System.Collections namespace.
  • IEnumerable can browse elements only one way forward, it cannot browse back and forth between elements.
  • IEnumerable is best when querying from an in-memory collection ie in RAM like List, Array …
  • When querying data from the database, IEnumerable executes the select statement on the server and then downloads all data about the client before filtering the data.
  • IEnumerable matches Linq to Object and Linq to XML.
  • IEnumerable does not support custom queries.
  • IEnumerable does not support lazy loading so it is not suitable for pagination.


  • IQueryable is in the System.Linq namespace
  • IQueryable can only move one way forward in the collection, it cannot move back.
  • IQueryable is best for querying out-memory data as a database.
  • When querying, IQueryable executes the query and filters the data on the Server
    IQueryable is suitable for Linq to SQL.
  • IQueryable supports custom queries using the CreateQuery and Execute methods.
  • IQueryable supports lazy loading. So it is suitable for paging cases. Examples of IQueryable

Why you need to learn JQuery?

Here are some reasons why you should learn JQuery other than else.

  1. jQuery integrates easily with web technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, Python, etc.
  2. Frontend languages ​​like Angular, React & Vue are complete libraries, you can program your entire project against these frameworks, even without server-side technologies like ASP.NET, Python, PHP, etc.
  3. jQuery is much easier so you can quickly learn it in just a few hours.
  4. If you know JavaScript, you can easily learn jQuery.

Should linked Adword with analytics or not?

Based on the benefits that bring up when linked analytics account with Adword for your campaign, I believe that you will not make the wrong decision. Here is the proof, ( by google ads academy)

google ads linked analytics benefits explaination

As the screenshot is shown above, I think you will not miss it. or your campaign will not optimize for the best result.

What are the benefits of cloud services?

To save your data, cloud services is the best option. You totally can lose all your data on a physical computer without saving it up to cloud computing for better backup and restoration.

Here are some benefits of cloud service you may be considered:

– Better agility for accessing your business data
– Cost efficiency with the hybrid cloud solution
– High scalability to store the mass of information

Should make a 301 redirect or all 404 page to homepage?

I see this question somewhere, don’t remember, it’s an interesting question because I have the same problem. When I move to blogspot to WordPress blog with shared hosting. It causes many 404 errors that send the report to my webmaster tool. It’s annoying, and I need to get rid of it.

Should I make it a 301 redirect all 404 error page to the homepage? What happens if I make it a 301, is it decrease my blog’s ranking or not?

I think, we should make a 301 redirect since it will pass the link juice and didn’t cause lost ranking. But it happens if you move from old site to new site, and change the URL ( domain) then you should do that. But if that link does not exist on your page, then 404 to homepage may be a better solution here.