Should I assign certain google ads per keyword or more?

Use 3 keywords for each campaign with relevant keywords to each other to maintain high-quality result also the ad group and titles. So in your case, I think you should create 3 different campaigns and add as the following scale.

1st campaign = 3 keywords
2nd campaign = 3 keywords
3rd campaign = 4 keywords

In the campaigns, you can choose certain ads to be shown for certain keywords.

Should linked Adword with analytics or not?

Based on the benefits that bring up when linked analytics account with Adword for your campaign, I believe that you will not make the wrong decision. Here is the proof, ( by google ads academy)

google ads linked analytics benefits explaination

As the screenshot is shown above, I think you will not miss it. or your campaign will not optimize for the best result. alternative?

For movie webmaster, alternative seem to be the most thing they usually think about. How to find a video hosting service that allow you to upload video and sharing it on your website is the big big problem.

So today, I will give you some good alternative free video sharing that you can trust that they will not delete your account for dmca complaint that all movie streaming website have to face with.

here are the list of alternative ( like copy of ( no dmca, with ads, free) ( paid, no ads, cheap)

  • These don’t have ftp upload
    rapidvideo – I use this as an alternative to openload
    Flix555 – this is new hosts with better rates

Ad network for torrent, Warez and Pirated Website

1, Propeller Ads

This ad network is best for CPM/ CPS rate for Torrent, and warez website. They pay high, depend CPM rate by country.

Many kind of AD form, like CPM, CPC, Pushnotice Ads, Pushup ads, for both Mobile and Desktop ( No porn ads or redirect in Mobile)

And with new technology, they also included pass adblock for their ad services.

2, Popads for Popunder Ads

  • All websites are accepted , (Allow Warez, Adult)
  • Daily payment , minimum payout : 5 $
  • Trust, (Without any Scam )
  • Floor CPM : $0.3 _ $0.9

Fast approved website, easy configure ads option.

3, to be continue…

Is PropellerAds bypass Google Ad Standard for both Desktop and Mobile?

I know what you are worry about. However, PropellerAds announce that their ad can bypass google ad standard for both Desktop and Mobile. 
And to do that, You can use their popunder code, plus anti-adblock version 3.0 to earn more revenue.
And For mobile, Ad Push Notification, is legal method to bypass Google chrome ad’s standard.

Any Adsense alternative adnetworks?

ad network for adsense alternative

Adbuff is second ad network after Google Adsense. With these following features:

  • High eCPM rates
  • Clean Ads
  • Timely payments
  • Real-time reporting
  • Weekly bonuses

However, adbuff require for high minimum traffic to join. with the threshold of 100$. It’s not too easy to join.

  • Here are the details of this ad network:
  • Minimum Traffic: 2000 uniques per day
  • Language requirements: English only
  • Content: Clean content
Adbuff provides advertisement on these formats:


  • Advertising Types: Display, Text. Pop-ups not allowed
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Verticals: Most.